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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie’s Absence Won’t Last Long

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General Hospital star Kirsten Storms took to her Instagram page on Friday morning to share some fabulous news with her fans. From the looks of things, Maxie won’t be off the grid for too long.

Kirsten Storms Revealed Fabulous News

Storms shared a very brief Instagram story that the General Hospital Instagram page initially posted to its stories. It was a single selfie that Storms took where she was seemingly on the General Hospital set. Behind her was a television screen that displayed the show’s name along with “THAT’S A WRAP GOOD NIGHT.” The additional text noted “Maxie’s back!” and fans needed no additional context.

It would seem Storms snapped the selfie Thursday evening as she finished a day on the set. The General Hospital star had her hair down with her blond tresses skimming her shoulders. This was a big sign on its own, considering Storms has relied on messy top knots for the past few weeks post-surgery.

Credit: ABC General Hospital
Credit: ABC General Hospital

Maxie Left Port Charles While Storms Healed

In early June, Storms revealed she had undergone brain surgery. She had a cyst removed, and she even shared a photo showing the back of her head shaved with a significant incision stitched up vertically on the back of her scalp. She had promised she would return to the General Hospital set as soon as she could, but she obviously needed some time to rest and heal.

Recently on General Hospital, Maxie left Port Charles for a while. She realized it was too difficult to be in town around “Bailey” and not be able to acknowledge the infant was really her baby, Louise. She left to visit her mom in Texas as she waited for the Peter situation to resolve.

Some General Hospital fans wondered if the show would bring in a temporary recast for Maxie while Storms recovered. They had done that before, but it seemed this time they would just keep Maxie off-screen until Storms could return. Now that Storms is ready to work again, the idea of a temporary recast would appear to be unnecessary.

Heavy Duty ‘General Hospital’ Developments Ahead

Given Storms’ presence on the General Hospital set on Thursday, it would seem viewers can expect to see Maxie again in a few weeks. Will she be back in Port Charles, or still in Texas with her mom? Will she be able to reunite with Louise or will she have more chaos to navigate first?

As viewers know, significant questions regarding Peter’s actual status and whereabouts have just emerged. Is he alive and planning to go after Maxie, or is he really dead? General Hospital spoilers regarding what’s on the way should emerge soon and fans are eager to see Maxie reunite with her baby and move forward without Peter.

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