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Farrah Abraham: Concern Mounts For Sophia Following Bizarre Video, Does She Need Help?

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Farrah Abraham has many of her social media followers very concerned for her 12-year-old daughter Sophia. However, the former Teen Mom OG star’s recent video has followers blasting her once again and calling into serious question the safety of Sophia.

The disturbing video has gained so much attention that the #Save Sophia is currently trending on Twitter. The latest outrage began following Farrah Abraham and Sophia’s latest TikTok upload. 

The Sun reports that the video takes place in Abraham’s car on Wednesday. The clip reveals a series of odd and scary looks switching back and forth between Sophia and her mom. In the clip, viewers watch in shock as Sophia smiles in slow motion with an eerie grin on her face before the camera moves to Farrah.

Farrah Abraham Called Out For Poor Parenting… Again

Abraham grabs her chest in horror; then the camera moves to Sophia, who casually sips her drink. Concerned comments began flooding the video with requests to “save Sophia.”

One commenter posts that they are ‘scared’ for Sophia Abraham. “Farrah is jealous of Sophia, and it shows. All Sophia wants is attention and is afraid of being taken out of the spotlight by her child. I really wish someone would rescue her,” adds another.  “I really wish she had some sort of normal social interactions. Farrah is doing a terrible job of ‘raising’ her,” blasted another.

It is not uncommon for Farrah’s actions on social media to spark some alarm. Nor is it unusual that her parenting comes into question. Over the years, Farrah Abraham has been called out many times. Including allowing her young daughter to wear full make-up, dress, and dance provocatively and participate in questionable behavior for a young child.

Abraham has even gone as far as to profit from her questionable parenting. In her latest book, Dream Twenties: Self Guided Self Help Memoir, the young mother admits to having Child Protective Services “threaten to take” Sophia away from her over her ‘unsafe” actions as a parent.

 Former Teen Mom Farrah Claims Her Mom Is To Blame For Her Trauma

Farrah continues to blame her traumatic childhood on the actions of her mother, Debra Danielsen. She details horrific abusive and dangerous situations she alleges she lived through as a child at the hands of her mother.  Abraham and her mother’s relationship has been controversial. However, sad as many believe that Farrah’s childhood past is not to blame for her current life choices as an adult and mother.

Following Farrah’s 2017 firing from MTV’s Teen Mom reality series, Abraham has made her followers call abysmal parenting choices for her young daughter Sophia.

With the choices Farrah Abraham has made, many believe that Sophia Abraham’s future is grim. They also fear that the soon-to-be-teen will surely head down the wrong path. That is considering the adult female examples she has had to guide her along the way.


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