Courtney Waldrop Rushes Rawlings To Hospital, Leaves In A Cast

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Sweet Home Sextuplets mom Courtney Waldrop once again finds herself at the hospital in the Emergency Room with one of her kids. For years the mom of six boys and three girls managed to avoid any of her kids breaking bones. Now the busy mom of this supersized family has made ER trips a regular occurrence.  This time around, it’s sweet Rawlings Waldrop that Courtney rushes to the Emergency Room. Now the three-year-old leaves the hospital in a cast and heads him to show off her latest fashion accessory to her siblings.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram
Courtney Waldrop Instagram

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Rawlings Waldrop In Good Spirits After Trip To ER

Sweet Home Sextuplets cutie Rawlings Waldrop was already back to herself this morning after a nasty fall yesterday. the spunky there year old was playing with her scooter in the garage and took a tumble. Most ties when kids fall, they are just fine. Perhaps a little sore or embarrassed but usually are able to shake it off and return to running around as nothing happened. However, not this time for Rawlings. She landed funny, and her little arm just didn’t look right to her mom.

So the Sweet Home Sextuplets mother rushed Rawlings to the hospital. Soon X-rays showed Rawlings broke her arm in two spots. A temporary cast was put in place. Rawlings will meet with an orthopedic surgeon for a follow-up and a more permanent cast in a few days. Even though a painful, injury young Rawlings is surprisingly in good spirits and not at all complaining about being in pain.

Sweet Home sextuplets - Rawlings Waldrop
Rawlings Waldrop
Courtney Waldrop Instagram

Courtney Waldrop Shocked Her Little Boys Have Stayed Injury Free

Sweet Home Sextuplets alum Courtney Waldrop says Rawlings is already over the cast. In fact, this morning, Rawkings woke up saying she was all better and time tale the cast off. Clearly, Rawlings doesn’t realize she got quite a long road ahead of her to heal the injury properly and be cast free.

Courtney Waldrop made a fascinating observation about her family’s recent injuries. She noticed the younger three boys, Blue Waldrop, Layke Waldrop, and Tag Waldrop, have managed to stay uninjured. However, her youngest girls haven’t faired as well. Courtney says the kids run around and crash into each other,  and rough house hundreds of times a day and rarely get hurt. Yet Rawlings trips funny over a scooter and breaks her arm in two spots. Courtney jokes the ER is becoming their home away from home.

Rawlings Waldrop
Rawlings Waldrop / Courtney waldrop Instagram

Sweet Home Sextuplets: A Full Day of Memorises For The Waldrops

Yesterday was a full day of memories for the Sweet Home Sextuplstes family. Some were fun, and of course, Rawlings injury was certainly not. Earlier in the day prior to the unfortunate accident, the Waldrop kids put their handprints in wet cement on newly poured concrete sidewalks in the family’s property.

It was something Courtney meant to do many times as the renovations on their house progressed. So yesterday, the family finally got around to that bucket list memory item. Sadly that fun memory will likely be associated with happening the same day as Rawligls broken arm. Courtney takes it all in stride and grace as always. She says they will survive, and her baby girl is all smiles.

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