Audrey Roloff Blames Pregnancy, Struggles To Support Jeremy’s Endeavor

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Turns out, Audrey Roloff might be blaming her pregnancy for her struggles with supporting her husband Jeremy’s latest endeavor.

LPBW alum Audrey Roloff did a Q&A session recently on her Instagram Stories. Her followers wondered what the former TLC star thought about her husband Jeremy’s decision to become a pilot. While Audrey Roloff has always been a very supportive wife when it comes to her husband following his dreams… She has some reservations. Being pregnant with Jeremy’s third child, Audrey has some big reservations about her husband becoming a pilot.

Jeremy Roloff Instagram
Jeremy Roloff Instagram

Audrey Roloff admits to ‘mixed feelings’ on Jeremy’s latest aspiration

Little People, Big World fans can tell from Audrey’s response to her fans that she’s really struggling with supporting her husband in this endeavor. Audrey admits that she wants to stand beside her husband and support him in everything he wants to do. But, truthfully, she has some “mixed feelings” on him becoming a pilot. Considering she’s pregnant with his third child and there are a lot of risks to becoming a pilot… It is understandable why she would not be completely on board.

I love that he is doing something that’s always been a dream for him. I know it’s so good for him to do things that push him, have elements of risk, and are on the wild side… But of course it makes me nervous… also it’s a big time commitment so that creates it’s own sacrifices. I think once I got up with him once I’ll feel more confident in it but I’m not sure I want to do that till after I have this baby.”

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

To some degree, she blames her pregnancy for her lack of support

Now, it wasn’t in a malicious or bad way… But, Audrey Roloff did place some of the blame for her mixed feelings and lack of support on the baby. She admits that she would feel differently if she could go up in the air with her husband. But, she’s not comfortable doing that until after she gives birth to their third child. Likewise, she is also a wealth of emotions and hormones. So, it isn’t too much of a stretch that her pregnancy-fueled emotions are making things more difficult on her.

Do you understand why Audrey Roloff struggles to support Jeremy in this endeavor? Do you think her pregnancy is partly to blame? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Roloff family.

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