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‘Scandalous!’ Danielle Busby Teases Blayke & Parker: See Video

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Danielle Busby had a little fun teasing her daughters Blayle and Parker as they arrived at a private wave pool party yesterday evening. During her Instagram Stories video, the TLC mother acknowledged it was pretty late for them to be heading out to do something. Danielle Busby argued they were just soaking up the summer fun while they could. After stumbling over her words a bit she jested that they didn’t really have bedtimes during summer break.

After getting out of the Busby bus and heading for the wave pool. Danielle seized a two-for-one opportunity as she teased both Blayke and Parker. What did she tease two of her daughters about? Keep reading and we’ll explain. Or, you can watch the silly video clip down below!

Outdaughtered Danielel Busby Instagram
Danielle Busby / Instagram

‘Getting Scandalous,’ Danielle Busby teases her daughter Parker

Parker Busby looked to be one of the first quints to ditch any cover-up or jacket she was wearing over her bathing suit. Adam could be heard in the background calling attention to the fact that Parker’s “butt was falling out.” Parker turned and whined a little as she asked her mother to assist in tying her bathing suit back up.

“Getting scandalous!” Danielle Busby teased as she addressed Parker’s wardrobe malfunction. Before Danielle could help, Parker’s big sister Blayke Busby stepped in. She was more than happy to help her little sister get her bathing suit tied up properly.

Outdaughtered - Danielle Busby Instagram
Danielle Busby Instagram

The OutDaughtered mom seizes an opportunity to tease Blayke too

As Blayke jumps in to help Parker fix her bathing suit before it completely falls off, Danielle Busby notices her oldest daughter’s pants are awfully wet. “Blayke peed her pants!” Danielle jests as she calls attention to it. Blayke Busby immediately shuts down the accusation. She explains she definitely didn’t pee her pants. Her bathing suit was just already wet from the last time she went swimming.

Unfortunately, Instagram Stories content is only available for 24 hours before it expires. If you missed this silly video clip on Danielle’s Instagram Stories before it expired, you can watch it via this tweet down below:

Do you think Adam and Danielle’s girls had a nice time at the private wave pool party? Do you enjoy watching these silly video clips from the Busby family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.


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