‘RHONY’: Will Leah McSweeney Backlash Bring Back Dorinda Medley?!

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Leah McSweeney is getting major backlash this season. Fans loved her on her first season of The Real Housewives of New York. Viewers loved seeing a younger housewife who was so candid about her life. They felt Leah dropped some wisdom, even when she drank heavily.

Nowadays, Leah is living sober in New York City. She’s navigating her new lifestyle and is dealing with the death of her grandmother. Fun Leah is gone since she’s no longer drinking. Fans are growing tired of Leah’s disagreements with her co-stars.

They feel that the fashion designer is only bringing down the show. Could Leah’s onslaught backlash lead to the return of Dorinda Medley?

Leah McSweeney responds to backlash

Leah McSweeney spoke to TV Insider about the reaction to her second season. She claims that RHONY viewers are only seeing one side to her. There’s more to her than what they get to see on the reality show. However, this season hasn’t been Leah’s season since she’s battling with everyone.

“You see a side of me…you’re seeing a side of me that I am showing you,” Leah told TV Insider. “I’m not showing you all of me.”

During the interview, she also talked about her friendship with newbie Eboni K. Williams. Leah isn’t the only one that viewers are reacting negatively to. Some of them have grown tired of Eboni talking about politics and teaching the woman about diversity. Leah also addressed how her cast members’ drinking problems inspired her own sobriety.

Andy Cohen agrees with RHONY viewers

The Bravo Executive Producer addressed the ongoing backlash against Leah McSweeney on Radio Andy. Season 13 ratings have taken a nosedive as a result. Andy responded to the fans who criticized Leah’s behavior. They’ve been calling for another cast shakeup after another disappointing season.

The sudden backlash shocked Andy. He’s never seen such an abrupt turn in the history of the Real Housewives franchise. However, Andy understands their frustration since every season is different. He also agreed with Michael Rapaport’s assessment that Leah isn’t cut out to be a housewife.

One fan called and said that Leah is “Too dramatic, a huge complainer, talks with a constant high pitch whining sound, and a bad dresser.” Leah previously addressed the criticism over the show’s constant discussions about race. She said they were calling for more diversity and now that they have it, they don’t want to hear any more about it. She shared a series of photos from the previous episode of RHONY.

“I see all you Bravo fan accounts that were bashing Bravo for not having a diverse [RHONY] cast but now mad that race is being discussed,” Leah wrote. “Hard conversations are being had and none of us are doing it perfectly. That includes ALL of us. But we are doing it.”


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Ramona Singer wants to avoid The Real Housewives of New York Season 13 reunion because of the discussions about race. She thinks her castmates will call her racist. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Ramona is at risk of losing her apple on the series. She’s out on the outs with the cast and doesn’t want to participate.

Could Dorinda Medley make a comeback?

Producers have not made any decisions in regards to casting for RHONY Season 14. Bravo executives are reportedly speaking to Dorinda Medley. They would like to have her return for a few episodes. Some fans would love for Dorinda to replace Leah McSweeney.

As for Dorinda, she would “be open to returning if she’s offered a full-time role,” an insider said. “Nobody else has been approached about returning though.” The reunion is currently on hold. Another source says that “as of right now, the reunion for Season 13 isn’t happening” and that “no future date has been set.”


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What are your thoughts? Do you think Bravo should fire Leah McSweeney? Would you like to see Dorinda make a comeback? Sound off below in the comments.

The Real Housewives of New York airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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