Would Michael Allio Accept An Offer To Be ‘The Bachelor’ Next Season?

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Fans were so upset when front-runner Michael Allio eliminated himself Monday night on The Bachelorette. Katie Thurston was caught off guard and both expressed how much they cared about one another. Michael admitted during the Men Tell All special that he still had feelings for Katie. He even said if she changed her mind he would be willing to try again. Now, all fans can think about is making this single dad the next lead. But, if Michael even willing to take on that role?

Would Michael Allio consider being The Bachelor 2022?

Extra TV previously caught up with Michael after the Men Tell All taping. They asked him about his willingness to be the next Bachelor.  He talked about how excited his son James was to have his dad back. Michael also said while he still had feelings for Katie it gave him some closure hearing her words and saying that she’s happy.

He went on to say he’s ready to start the process all over again meaning the pursuit of love and happiness. As for whether he would be The Bachelor, Michael actually isn’t too sure. The interviewer said Katie mentioned her first choice for the next lead would be him. He jokingly said, “Well I guess that means we aren’t getting back together.”

He said honestly he hasn’t given it any thought. Michael said nothing has been offered. So, he said at this point there’s nothing to think about. He also noted he’s one who instantly sees the risks involved. Michael said quite frankly he’s not very interested in the role at this time.

He said if something were to be offered or discussed he would need to understand who they would be casting. In saying that he is thinking about casting he said it’s because he would be looking for an engagement. Plus, it would involve this person meeting his son.

So, what do you think? Will Michael be the next Bachelor?

Michael’s decision to leave

Michael also said he has no regrets about the show. He said his decision to leave was the best choice for James. However, Michael was sad to leave Katie and the potential they had together.

His family and in-laws were very supportive of his decision to join the show. So, chances are they would be just as supportive with him taking on the role of The Bachelor?

Could fans be seeing Jason Mesnick 2.0 next season?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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