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Molly? Tori? Who The Heck Is Pushing Lilah Roloff At The Zoo?!

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Grandpa Matt and “Cha Cha” spent part of the weekend with Jackson and Lilah Roloff. The Roloff patriarch took the kids to the Oregon Zoo so Tori and Zach could have a private anniversary celebration. Matt and Caryn both shared adorable photos of the outing. But all fans could focus on was who was pushing Lilah Roloff’s stroller. Was it Tori? Matt’s daughter Molly? Matt Roloff hit the comment section with an answer that fans did not expect. 

Mystery Woman Seen in Zoo Photos

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler had a Sunday Funday with four-year-old Jackson and Lilah, who turns two in November. While Lilah is finally walking, she can’t spend a whole day on her feet. So, the industrious couple brought along a stroller. In the photo below from Caryn’s Instagram, Lilah and Jackson both look exhausted from the hot weather. 

Credit: Caryn Chandler/Instagram
Credit: Caryn Chandler/Instagram

Another photo from Matt Roloff’s Instagram features Jackson and Lilah at the monkey exhibit. Lilah is out of her stroller, holding herself up close to the glass. Standing almost out of the shot is a mystery woman later seen pushing Lilah’s stroller. 

The identity of the woman became a hot topic in the comment section. 

Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram

Video Shows Mystery Woman Pushing Lilah Roloff’s Stroller

Another glimpse of the mystery woman is seen in a video Matt Roloff shared at the fish exhibit. While Tori Roloff focused on her daughter’s bossy behavior, fans again laser-focused on who was on stroller duty.

Some fans thought it was Tori, but others knew it couldn’t be because she was with Zach. 

Other fans mistook the woman for Matt and Amy’s rarely-seen daughter, Molly. However, Amy Roloff posted on social media that she was spending time with Molly in Spokane, Washington. 

Fans continued to discuss who the mystery woman was, long after Matt Roloff put the topic to bed. 

Matt Clears Up the Confusion 

As LPBW followers know, Matt Roloff often replies to comments on his posts. The zoo post was no exception. He saw the speculation and confusion about the person pushing Lilah’s stroller. He quickly shut it down by identifying the woman. 

For reasons already explained, the mystery woman wasn’t Tori or Molly. Instead, it was Caryn’s daughter, Brittany. Check out a compilation below of the assorted comments about the mysterious person pushing Lilah’s stroller. 

Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram

Were you as confused as some fans after you saw the photo and video? Or did you immediately realize that it wasn’t Tori or Molly pushing Lilah’s stroller? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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