‘Love Island USA’: Flo Wants To Be The Only Girl On Will’s Lips

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Casa Amor finally arrived at Love Island USA. Fans are enjoying the drama that’s playing out on the show. On Sunday night’s episode, the couples got split up. This time, the girls ended up in Casa Amor, while the boys returned to some new faces in the villa.

The new islanders are not backing off. They’re doing whatever it takes to get the ones they want. One of those people is Florence Mueller, who likes to be called “Flo Money.” She also wants to be the new lady in Will Moncada’s life.

New girls bring the drama

The new islanders are getting spicy. As Love Island USA fans know, the couples have to go through a trial of temptation to see if they will make it. The goal of the show is to stay on the island and stay together as the new islanders come and go. Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama have been together ever since they first coupled up.

However, some of the girls are hoping to catch his eye. Two of them include Florence Mueller and Leslie Golden. Both of them expressed an interest in Will. As soon as the new girls showed up at the villa, they already shook things up. They took one notice at Kyra’s message to Will and wiped it off the mirrored closet.

Kyra wrote the word “Flaquita,” which means “skinny” in Spanish. She said that Will calls her that all the time. The smitten Hawaiian wanted to give him something to remind him of. But the new girls don’t want any reminders. They want to claim their territory.


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If they have it their way, it could work. Will and Kyra seemed like a strong couple at first. Now, Kyra is freaking out and is avoiding kissing any of the boys in Casa Amor. Meanwhile, Will said he’s attracted to the beautiful new islanders.

Love Island USA spoilers – Will kisses Flo

Flo wants to be the new “Florita” in Will’s life. She already kissed him during a sexy challenge. Will seemed a little flustered when it happened. The sneak peek for Tuesday night’s episode of Love Island USA shows Flo expressing her feelings to Will. She makes it clear that she’s here for him, to which he responds by kissing her.

On the other side of the island, Kyra can’t help but think about Will. She tells her fellow girls that she misses him. She’s often seen crying and talking about him. The spoilers show that Kyra will learn about Will’s attraction to Flo, which means there is more drama to come.

Will and Kyra already got a bad rap. Rumors flew that the couple already knew each other before appearing on the show. However, it’s unclear whether Will and Kyra dated

Love Island USA airs Tuesday, July 27 at 9 p.m. ET.

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