Lindsie Chrisley Implies Todd Chrisley Stirs Drama, Lies For Views?

Lindsie Chrisley - Todd Chrisley

Lindsie Chrisley was a hot topic on Todd Chrisley’s podcast last week. Todd admitted that he isn’t usually comfortable making her a talking point. But, there were a few things that needed to be cleared up. For starters, he needed to address rumors that he wasn’t really Lindsie’s biological father. He also wanted to discuss the rift between him and his daughter a bit.

Supporters of his estranged daughter as well as those who enjoy stirring the pot didn’t waste time rushing back to Lindsie’s Instagram. Now, Lindsie Chrisley also wasted no time firing back at her father. In fact, fans believe she indirectly implied her father was full of bulls**t.

What’s going on between Lindsie and Todd Chrisley right now? Keep reading, we’ve got the scoop.

Chrisley Knows Best Todd Chrisley - Lindsie Chrisley
Chrisley Knows Best Todd Chrisley – Lindsie Chrisley

Todd discussed his estranged daughter during recent podcast

During his podcast last week, Todd spent a lot of time discussing his daughter Lindsie. In fact, he mentioned her in the Instagram posts promoting his podcast episode too. For starters, he blasted Katie Joy from Without a Crystal Ball. He pointed out that Katie and Lindsie are friends. And, Katie says whatever Lindsie tells her. He noted that Lindsie WAS involved in reporting him to the IRS regardless of what she or Katie claims to be true. Likewise, he added that he has receipts to prove Lindsie was involved.

Todd Chrisley also admitted he has people that watch Lindsie’s social media activity. They bring it to his attention any time he or any of his family members get mentioned. It was recently brought to his attention that Lindsie mentioned Todd wasn’t really her biological father on social media. And, Todd wanted to address this accusation.

Todd, however, responded to the accusation with kindness. He noted that if he wasn’t really her biological father… He hoped she had a better relationship with whoever really was. Todd Chrisley, however, WAS who raised Lindsie and her brother Kyle. He reminded everyone he stepped in as both mother and father when Lindsie and Kyle’s biological mother left them behind and “never looked back.”

Lindsie Chrisley Screenshot Instagram
Lindsie Chrisley Instagram

Lindsie Chrisley responds to biological father drama

Now, an opportunity presented itself and Lindsie Chrisley responded to the biological father drama in the comments of her own post. In response to a comment on her own Instagram posts, she noted that she has NEVER questioned the paternity of Todd. She added that it sounds like a story someone created with the hopes of getting more clicks/views.

While she didn’t outright point a finger at her father, she more or less implied he was stirring drama. And, she implied he was stirring drama so he could get more views and clicks on his latest podcast episode.

In Todd’s defense, he did NOT say he saw Lindsie mention that he was not her real father. He explained that someone who watches her account informed him that she was discussing it with her followers. So, it is possible the person who told him this just misunderstood something or, perhaps, they were trying to stir the pot?

Chrisley Knows Best - Todd Chrisley - Youtube
Chrisley Knows Best Youtube

Do you think Todd Chrisley would lie about Lindsie just to stir the pot for views? Or, is Lindsie Chrisley full of it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Chrisley family.

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