How Many Episodes Are In ‘When Calls The Heart’ Season 9?

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Hearties, When Calls The Heart Season 9 has started production. How many episodes will be filmed for the popular Hallmark series? Here is the latest news on WCTH.

How Many Episodes Will When Calls The Heart Season 9 Have?

When Calls The Heart has now started production. Hearties around the world are getting excited about Season 9. One of the great pieces of news is that there will be 12 episodes again. WCTH co-creator Brian Bird wrote on Twitter, “Not only did production start today on S9 of #WhenCallstheHeart… but there’s more big news: #Hearties can look forward to not 10 new eps… but 12! You spoke loudly in S8 with the best ratings in our history… so your voice has been heard!”

Based on Brian’s tweet, the huge viewership numbers allowed the show to film 12 episodes. Although the first season of the beloved Hallmark series was 12 episodes, seasons 2-7 had varying amounts of episodes, between seven and 10.

However, because of the delays due to Covid, they chose to forgo the annual Christmas movie. Instead, they gave fans 12 episodes, something Hearties have long wanted. Turns out, by granting fans this wish, the ratings were high, and now Season 9 will also be supersized.

But, what about the When Calls The Heart Christmas movie for 2021? Is there any news on that front?

Will There Be A When Calls The Heart Christmas Movie In 2021?

Can Hearties expect a When Calls The Heart Christmas movie in 2021? That now seems more and more unlikely. By this time last year, Hallmark had announced that there would be a Christmas movie for 2020. However, once they started filming a couple of months, they scrapped all plans to make that movie.

Although there were no explanations, it has been clear that Covid protocols just make filming a bit slower. They need to work in pods. That also means more outdoor filming. If the Vancouver weather does not cooperate, then that is not so possible. though a movie was announced, and the intention was to make one, the general delays in filming a series during the Covid pandemic made a Christmas movie not possible.

What is more unfortunate is that there was something special planned for the Christmas episode. Kevin McGarry had revealed on the Deck The Hallmark podcast that Erin Krakow and her brother wrote a song for the Christmas movie. Fans can only hope that there will be a movie in 2021 and that this song is included.

However, as of now, Hallmark has not made any sort of announcement or hint that they will resume making the annual Christmas movie. But, Ho! Ho! Holiday Viewing, the independent, ever knowing Twitter handle, had its theory.  On Thursday, they shared Brian Bird’s tweet that they are filming 12 episodes for Season 9.

Along with that retweet, they predicted there would be no When Calls The Heart Christmas movie. “With WHEN CALLS THE HEART officially announcing another 12-episode regular season, it’s unlikely we’ll see the annual Christmas movie return to Hallmark Channel’s December 25th schedule. Which is a little odd, because it always got surprisingly great ratings for the network.”

When Is When Calls The Heart Season 9 Premiering?

When should Hearties expect to see the When Calls The Heart Season 9?  This should be sometime in Spring 2022.

Hearties, are you excited for 12 episodes?

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