Todd Chrisley BLASTS Fans: How DARE They Question Savannah

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Todd Chrisley’s latest venture with Instagram left quite an impression on his daughter Savannah Christley’s followers. Todd Christley, 52, according to Inquisitr, was reportedly lurking in the background on Savannah’s page recently to keep a watchful eye. 

Things did not go as Todd may have been planning. Instead, Savannah signed on Thursday to share a celebratory post revealing the eighth-month mark since the launch of her Sassy by Savannah cosmetic line. Savannah also shares a sultry glam shoot with her 2.2 million followers. The glam photo reveals Savannah wearing a tight, floral-print dress as lip products were being applied to her. Chrisley chooses to play Demi Lovato music and is blaring “Confident” in the background.

Todd Chrisley Has Savannah’s Back On Instagram

“I can’t believe it’s only been 8 months since @sassybysavannah launched!!! The BRONZER LAUNCHED YESTERDAY!! And I can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on it!! ( ❤️ AND A WHOLEEEE LOT OF PRODUCTS ARE LAUNCHING STARTING IN AUGUST-DECEMBER!! #staysassy” happily posts Savannah Christley.

Responses coming in were primarily positive and considerate. Until one user decided to post a snide remark rudely stating, “A bronzer is a bronzer; what is it that makes yours so special?” 

Okay, it’s time for Daddy Todd Chrisley to step in with his no-nonsense and don’t you dare attitude.

 “A hater is a hater. What makes you so special?” writes Savannah’s protective papa bear Todd Chrisley. It did not take long before Savannah and Chrisley’s loyal followers began coming after the Instagram troll too.

Nothing better than a little mid-week Instagram drama to kick off an evening. “When they gonn realize to not mess with Todd’s kids,” one user replied. 

In late 2020 Savannah Chrisley launched her Sassy company. Savannah stands behind her products 100 percent. She has the full support of her family when it comes to recent business ventures. Savannah reveals the meaning behind her makeup franchise and credits her brother Chase Chrisley for being the inspiration behind the name. 

The Chrisley Family Keeps A Strong Family Bond

Savannah explains that to her, “Sassy…is lively, bold and full of spirit.” It is a personal touch because Sassy is a nickname given to me by my brother Chase. Since we are only 14 months apart in age, Chase had a hard time pronouncing Savannah, it always came out Sassy, so it just stuck throughout the years. So I couldn’t think of a more fitting name for the line Savannah reveals.

Many sometimes wonder how Savannah Christley feels about her dad, Todd Chrisley’s attitude, and quick opinions. However, many reports reveal that Todd and Savannah are extremely close most of the time. 

However, like most father and daughter duos, you can expect them to bump heads in disagreement from time to time. But, in the end, things smooth over, and Savannah Christley is well aware that dad Todd Chrisley only wants the best for his little girl…Even if he has to get, a little loud and crazy to help make it happen for her. Savannah knows he always has her back. One thing fans can count the Chrisley family is sure a lot of fun.

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