Nanny Faye Says ‘Free Britney’ And Fans Are Here For It

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It’s no secret Chrisley Knows Best fans love Nanny Faye. Viewers love it every time she pops up on her grandkid’s social media accounts. Savannah Chrisley recently shared a clip of the popular grandmother. The two discuss the #FreeBritney movement that has social media fired up.

Apparently, Nanny loves Britney Spears. She wants nothing but the best for the pop star. Fans loved hearing this message as Britney tries to break free from her conservatorship. Savannah took to Instagram to share a clip of their conversation.

The Chrisley matriarch was very passionate about the movement and had to share her support.

Todd Chrisley gets his mother riled up

On Saturday, July 24, Savannah Chrisley took to Instagram to post a new video. She revealed in her caption that her father, Todd Chrisley enjoys riling up Nanny Faye. Savannah tagged Britney Spears and included the hashtag #FreeBritneySpears.

“Nanny, what did you just say?” Savannah says in the background.

“I said, I bet $100 that Britney goes free. That’s what I said.” Nanny said.

She reached out her hand to seal the deal with Todd. But the Southern papa doesn’t agree. He has a feeling that the “Oops! I Did It Again” singer will not go free. He seemed very passionate about this debate.

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
“She’s not going free!” Todd exclaimed.

“$100?” Nanny asked but Todd refused. They shook hands anyway.

“No! She’s not going to,” Todd said.

Nanny Faye put up her hand and said, “Free Britney! Free Britney.” Savannah couldn’t help but laugh. She obviously couldn’t believe what she was seeing and hearing. Nanny and Todd put a bet on the future of America’s pop princess.

Fans are currently holding out hope that their favorite singer will finally break free from her strict conservatorship, which she’s been placed under since 2007. The #FreeBritney movement stemmed out of that. Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, is to blame for making money off his famous daughter while claiming she’s not mentally stable.

Fans agree with Nanny Faye

The video amassed over 369,000 views in 18 hours. Many Chrisley Knows Best fans agree with Nanny Faye. They hope that she wins the bet and that Britney will go free. Some of them have confidence and faith that Nanny Faye could free the singer herself.

  • “If anybody can free Britney it’s Nanny Faye!!”
  • “From Nanny Faye’s mouth to the Judges [sic] ear.”
  • “In Nanny We Trust.”
  • “Amen, Nanny.”

One fan joked about Nanny Faye’s tan looking better than theirs. Savannah used a filter which is the reason for the grainy clip. Others couldn’t help but praise Nanny Faye. Some found it amusing that Todd screamed no.

Other loved Nanny Faye’s reaction. They enjoyed seeing how riled up she got over the heated debate. Do you agree with Nanny Faye that Britney Spears will go free? Sound off below in the comments.

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