‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Is A Maxie Recast On The Way?

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General Hospital spoilers suggest fans may not see Maxie Jones for a while. She bid a tearful farewell to her baby Louise after deciding it was too difficult to stay in Port Charles without her. She left the baby in Brook Lynn’s care, letting everybody except Brook Lynn and Nina believe the infant is really Valentin and Brook Lynn’s biological daughter. What can viewers expect with the character of Maxie and her return to Port Charles? Could there be a recast in the works?

General Hospital Star Kirsten Storms Is Recovering From Surgery

Kirsten Storms portrays Maxie and has for years. However, she recently underwent brain surgery to remove a cyst. She promised she would return to General Hospital as soon as she could, but she understandably needs some quiet time to recuperate.

Storms’ need for time away from the General Hospital set certainly explains the storyline development where Maxie left Port Charles. Of course, Maxie plans to return home at some point, and the length of her time away likely depends on how long Storms needs for her recovery.

Could General Hospital Bring In Someone Else Temporarily?

By sending Maxie away from Port Charles, the General Hospital writers created a situation with plenty of flexibility. It would appear they will keep Maxie out of town until Storms can begin filming again. When will that be? There has been no definitive information revealed yet on that front.

If General Hospital were to need Maxie back sooner than when Storms will be available, it is certainly possible they could bring in a recast. In fact, Maxie has had a couple of temporary recasts in the past few years when Storms needed to take leave. Days of Our Lives stars Molly Burnett and Jen Lilley both stepped in at various points, detailed Soaps in Depth.

Maxie Fans Eagerly Anticipate Her Reunion With Louise

According to Soap Opera Digest via SheKnows Soaps, Maxie will be away from Port Charles for “an undisclosed length of time.” Given that, for now, it seems General Hospital will hold off on a recast and keep Maxie away from her baby until Storms can film again.

How soon will Storms be able to return? The General Hospital actor hasn’t been sharing much on Instagram at all lately, so it’s hard to tell. The last she mentioned it, she told fans things were going well. Could she be back and filming again already? Her last Instagram post was on July 10, so it’s hard to know. It seems likely she is still on leave, and viewers will hope she can return soon. It surely would not go over well if anybody but Storms plays Maxie when she reunites with Louise and perhaps learns Peter’s ability to hurt them is over for good.

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