‘Young And The Restless’ WAIT!! Rey Rosales And Chelsea Lawson Fall In Love?

Young and the Restless - Rey RosalesJordi Vilasuso - Chelsea Lawson - Melissa Claire Egan

Young and the Restless viewers know it is very common for arch enemies to end up as besties and sometimes married. It seems the CBS soap’s writers have aligned Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) and Chelsea Lawson ( Melissa Claire Egan) for a least likely couple type of scenario. Yes, the good cop is married but as viewers know there has been lots of trouble in paradise. And yes Chelsea tried to kill him, which makes for the perfect soap coupling. 

Young and the Restless - Rey Rosales - Jordi Vilasuso
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Long-time viewers know Rey has developed a soft spot for Chelsea Lawson ( Melissa Claire Egan). Even though she nearly killed him. Despite his near-death experience, he forgave her. He even went to bat for her with Adam Newman (Mark Grossman). As a result, she got to spend time with her son. She was very grateful.

After Chelsea’s release from the psychiatric hospital, she needed to go care for her ailing mother. However, she required a police escort. The CBS soap fans know Rey was given that task. They will have plenty of time to get acquainted. Is this the beginning of a new love connection on Y&R

Young and the Restless Chelsea Lawson Melissa Claire Egan
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Young And The Restless spoilers – Is Sharon Closer To Rey Than Adam?

Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) and Adam had time for coffee and conversation this week. He admitted he misses her. She acknowledges their strong connection. However Young And The Restless spoilers hint that her loyalty to Adam is put to the test this week. Spoilers tease Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) questions how far Sharon would go to cover for Adam. Considering that she has risked her marriage more than once, pretty far. Add the fact that he saved her daughter’s life. Her loyalty is likely infinite.

While Rey and Chelsea are away the duo has already shared a close moment. With Adam living on the ranch, more moments are possible. Sharon was adamant that she loves her husband but her mind was on Adam. Will she remain faithful to Rey? Or will she give in to hidden desires? Soaps have proven happily married couples do not last and only a handful go on to the greatest couple of all-time status. Like Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) and Victor Newman (Eric Braeden).

YR Mark Grossman - Sharon Case
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Will Chelsea Get Revenge Or Find Love?

Chelsea’s original plan of vengeance did not pan out. So she worked hard to get on Rey’s good side. At the same time, she has tried to plant seeds of doubt in the officer’s head about his wife  He has had some experience with manipulative women and does not quite trust Chelsea. She might need to find a new tactic. Her next step may be seduction. But she could fool around and fall in love. Rey being a cop is trained to save damsels in distress and Chelsea will quickly go from villainess to damsel in distress, who better to save her than Detective Rosales?

Most likely Sharon and Adam will get caught in another compromising position on The Young And The Restless? With Billy involved, it could become a public matter. Y&R spoilers show that Chelsea delivers an ultimatum to Adam the week of July 26th. It seems obvious that Sharon and Adam are destined to be a couple again. Maybe Chelsea and Rey will be nursing their wounded hearts together sooner than later. 


The Young And The Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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