Ysabel Brown Dotes On ‘Beautiful Sister’ Savanah: See Photo

Sister Wives Ysabel Brown - Savanah Brown

Savanah Brown was kind enough to grace Sister Wives fans with a gorgeous selfie, and Ysabel was quick to dote on her beautiful sister.

Different mothers, but close in age

Both daughters of Kody Brown, Savanah is the daughter of Janelle and Ysabel is the daughter of Christine. Sister Wives fans assume the girls being relatively close in age is one of the reasons why seem so close. Neither Ysabel nor her sister Savanah are known for being super active on Instagram. Fans assume the girls don’t want to live in the glow of the same spotlight their reality TV parents bask in.

Presently, Savanah Brown has just 2,000 followers on Instagram. Her sister Ysabel, on the other hand, has about 74,000 followers. Ysabel and her mother Christine landed in the spotlight because she needed surgery on her back. So, it makes sense that she would have significantly more followers as they seek updates on her health.

Being just 16-years-old, Savanah Brown hasn’t done much to call the reality TV spotlight to her which would, in turn, cause her following on Instagram to grow.

Savanah Brown Instagram
Savanah Brown Instagram

Ysabel Brown dotes on her beautiful little sister

Savanah Brown was clearly feeling herself recently as she decided to share what she deemed to be a “sexy” selfie of herself on Instagram. Being just 16-years-old, some Sister Wives fans agreed that was an odd choice of word for someone under 18 in the caption.

Ysabel Brown was here for this gorgeous photo of her younger sister from another mother. She doted on how beautiful Savanah was in the comments.

“SISTER! you are so beautiful <33” She gushed in a comment liked a few times by Savanah’s tiny following.

Sister Wives fans always appreciate updates on the children

Kody Brown and his four wives regularly make headlines for just about anything they do on social media. And, when they aren’t posting on social media fans will sleuth around their book or old posts for something interesting to revive about the family. But, the kids don’t get nearly as much attention from media outlets or fans. Now, some of this is just out of respect as some of the children across the four wives are still under 18. But, some of it is just because the children with social media accounts are not very active.

Savanah Brown Instagram
Savanah Brown Instagram

So, fans really love when they get an update on any of Kody’s children. Do you agree with Ysabel that her sister Savanah Brown looks beautiful in this selfie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Sister Wives family.

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  1. Ysabel is very pretty – Savannah not ugly but not pretty as her sister
    They are only16 ! Give them a couple more years !!

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