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Did Tori Roloff Attend Audrey’s 30th Birthday Party Amid Rumored Feud?

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Audrey Roloff is turning the big 3-0 next week. She gathered with friends and family over the weekend for a huge birthday bash. The LPBW alum was treated to a balloon-heavy light-up sign blasting “30” to everyone in eyeshot. She found a line dance instructor on Instagram to hire for her party. But not everyone in the Roloff family attended the party. Who was missing? 

Audrey Roloff’s Dream Birthday Party 

Audrey Roloff turns 30 on July 19. However, she had an early birthday party with her close friends and family. The party appeared to have a cowboy theme, judging by Audrey Roloff sporting cowboy boots. 

Credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Audrey Roloff/Instagram

In addition, she had a dance instructor on hand to teach the party attendees how to line dance. The expectant mom shared photos and videos of her guests having a great time. 

Which Roloff Didn’t Attend Audrey’s Birthday Bash?

As mentioned, Audrey Roloff’s close friends and family were at her birthday blowout. Her mother-in-law, Amy Roloff, even joined in the line dancing. Audrey Roloff has two sisters-in-law – Isabel (Jacob’s wife,) and Tori (Zach’s wife.) However, only one of them showed up at the birthday party. 

Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Isabel Roloff/Instagram

A thread of LPBW fans on Reddit reveals that Tori Roloff skipped the birthday bash, or just wasn’t invited. This is backed up by Isabel Roloff sharing on her Instagram Stories that she was at the party. 

Matt Roloff was also a no-show, but he has an excuse, as his parents are ill. 

Why wouldn’t Tori Roloff celebrate her SIL’s birthday? It’s heavily rumored that the two are in a feud. Over what? 

Is Tori Roloff Feuding With Her Sister-In-Law?

The speculation of a feud between Tori and Audrey comes down to one word: jealousy. Audrey and Jeremy recently announced that they are expecting another baby. This comes a month after Tori shared the heartbreaking news that she suffered a miscarriage in March. 

So, fans of the show think Tori is somehow jealous of Audrey’s pregnancy. It doesn’t help matters that Tori didn’t appear to congratulate her in-laws on social media. 

While it appears Isabel Roloff went to Audrey’s party, her husband may have stayed home. There’s been bad blood between Audrey Roloff and Jacob Roloff since the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020. The Sun reports that Jacob slammed Audrey for sharing a “police propaganda” video under the guise of “unity.” 

What Tori Roloff Posted on Instagram Instead 

Another reason Reddit investigators believe Tori wasn’t at the birthday bash is her social media silence. Silence about the party, that is. Tori did share something on her Instagram Stories. Another adorable video of Lilah walking. 

The next day, Tori took to her Instagram Stories to shout-out a friend on their birthday. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean she snubbed Audrey Roloff. After all, Audrey’s birthday isn’t until the 19th. It remains to be seen if Tori sends her sister-in-law a birthday greeting. 

Tori Roloff/Instagram
Tori Roloff/Instagram

Do you think there’s a feud between Audrey and Tori? Or was there another reason Tori didn’t seem to attend the birthday bash? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Keep up with Tori and the Roloff family on Little People, Big World, airing Tuesdays on TLC. 

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