‘Sister Wives’: Mykelti Gives Adorable 3 Month Update On Avalon Asa

Credit: Mykelti Padron Instagram

Mykelti Padron is a very proud girl mother. The Sister Wives daughter welcomed her baby girl, Avalon Asa in April of this year. Since then, along with husband Tony, the proud parents cannot get enough of their firstborn. Mykelti often shares updates about Avalon on her Instagram. To commemorate the little one turning three months old, Mama Padron gave a full update.

Another Sister Wives Grandchild

Credit: Mykelti Padron Instagram
Credit: Mykelti Padron Instagram

Mykelti was the second Brown daughter to keep the legacy alive. Her sister, Maddie was the first to make the Browns grandparents. In 2017, she and her husband Caleb welcomed their son, Axel. Two years later, they broke the news that they were expecting a little girl. Evie K. was born in August of 2019. However, Maddie and Mykelti did have one thing in common. Both sisters got married the same year.

Maddie wed Caleb in June of 2016 while Mykelti married Tony that December. It was not until September of 2020 that Mykelti and Tony announced they were expecting their first child together. The following month, they revealed it was a girl. Of course her mother, Christine was over the moon with excitement. Though all the sister wives shared mothering duties, Maddie is Janelle’s daughter. So, this was something extra special for the new Oma.

The couple was even featured in People Magazine sharing their birth story. They shared how Robyn was their on zoom through the whole labor. Furthermore, they added how they had been waiting to be parents since the day they got married. So, it was magic when Avalon Asa was born at 9 lbs., 20.5 inches. Now, three months have passed and she is growing into quite the little lady.

Baby Update

Avalon has grown quite a bit since April. At seven weeks, she was just thirteen and a half pounds. She loved her inner tube for bath time and adored her daddy. So, what milestones has she hit now? According to Mykelti, she is always happy, constantly smiling and giggling. Who doesn’t love a happy baby?

Sister Wives Credit: Mykelti Padron Instagram
Credit: Mykelti Padron Instagram

Avalon also loves moving. She likes to be pushed around in carts, strollers, and water floaters. Plus, she is growing by the day weighing in at twenty-two pounds. Followers could not help but gush at how cute she is: “OMG!!! She is so precious!! ❤️ Enjoy every moment of her!!”

Another commented: “Look at the smiley girl, and the blonde hair my word hi Avalon.” Hopefully, there will be another season of Sister Wives so fans can see more of baby Avalon. Until then, viewers can watch her progress on Mykelti’s Instagram. She is literally growing by the minute.

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