Is ‘Below Deck Med’ Season 6 A Flop?! Captain Sandy Says No

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Below Deck Med fans promised to boycott Season 6. They weren’t happy to hear about the return of Captain Sandy Yawn and bosun Malia White. They have not forgotten what the duo did to former chief stew Hannah Ferrier. Fans blamed them for Hannah’s firing.

Despite the controversy, Malia and Sandy are back for another season. Fans said they would boycott this new season even though there’s a brand new crew. Captain Sandy shared her thoughts on the new season. She thinks the ratings are better than ever.

Captain Sandy Yawn thanks fans for tuning in

Thanks to having Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 available on Peacock, Sandy feels good about the increase in ratings from the previous year. Live and Peacock ratings have contributed to the boost. The NBC streaming platform airs the next episode a few days prior. The fans vowed to bow out this season, but curiosity eventually won them over.

“Thanks everybody for tuning in to this new season!” Sandy wrote on Facebook. “Just got word that with Peacock TV, ratings are higher than last year! And we are just getting started! #BelowDeckMed has the best fans.”

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Sandy included two posts from the Bravo Ratings Twitter account that showed the live ratings for the past few episodes. Keeping track of the ratings this season won’t be as easy. Live ratings are not the only ones to keep an eye on. Aside from the DVR recordings, the entire season will stream on Peacock for the first time.

The season premiere of Below Deck Med amassed “1.135 million viewers (0.31 18-49 demo),” with the second one amassing “1.155 million viewers (0.34 18-49 demo).” What helped is that Sandy had drama with new Chef Matthew Shea, which led into the second episode. Season 5 had 1.5 million live viewers and then increased from there.

Below Deck Med Season 5 was the highest-rated show

Below Deck Med Season 6 now earns that title. At the time, Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean was the highest-rated show in Below Deck history. It attracted over 2.6 million viewers per episode, as per Bravo PR. They were curious to see what led to Hannah’s firing and what happened thereafter. Of course, it caused a debate among fans.

Other factors could also influence the ratings. Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 aired only on cable, which played into the ratings. The COVID-19 pandemic left people without anything better to do than to watch television. This led to an increase in ratings, especially for Bravo. Viewers were curious to see how their favorite shows were filmed before and during the pandemic.

[Credit: Captain Sandy/Instagram]
[Credit: Captain Sandy/Instagram]
Meanwhile, other Bravo shows have declined in viewership. For example, The Real Housewives of New York saw a decrease in ratings. Nonetheless, the Below Deck franchise is still going strong. Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 saw a boost in ratings and there will be two new spinoffs on Peacock.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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  1. Wondering why it was ok for Lexi on Below Deck Med to shove her tits into Lloyd’s face and called oh well she was drunk, but if Lloyd shoved his balls into Lexi’s face he would have probably fired and called a pervert/sexual assault? Lexi is a crazy narcissist and should be fired for her sexual bad behaviour.

  2. This season is so boring I can’t watch anymore. Please don’t bring those boring people back! I’m shutting off to see if 7 is any better now…

    1. My wife and I really liked the show until Malia and Capt. Sandy conspired to oust Hannah the way they did. It was completely under-handed and shady, just turned my stomach. So, as much as we liked the show we stopped watching at that point.

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