Matt Roloff Turns Amy’s Wedding Venue Into A Construction Zone

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When Amy Roloff couldn’t find a wedding venue, her ex-husband offered up the family farm. The LPBW matriarch grudgingly accepted Matt’s offer, but is he secretly trying to ruin her wedding? Will Matt Roloff’s new construction project be done in time for Amy and Chris Marek to tie the knot at the wedding? 

Matt Roloff Starts New Construction Project After Promising Amy He Wouldn’t 

Like many brides looking to marry in 2020, Amy Roloff’s wedding was unceremoniously postponed. With the pandemic waning, many would-be brides are planning 2021 weddings instead. As a result, wedding venues are scarce throughout the rest of the year. 

Matt Roloff came to his ex’s rescue by offering up Roloff Farms. The olive branch almost broke from Amy’s resentment at selling her shares of the farm. At this point, Matt Roloff is now the sole owner of the family farm. Ultimately, Amy Roloff relented and accepted Matt’s offer. But she wasn’t happy about it. 

As LPBW fans know, Matt Roloff loves to tinker on the farm, building project after project. However, he promised Amy that any construction wouldn’t happen until after her wedding. 

Yet, he shared several videos on his Instagram over the weekend of him starting construction at the farm. What is he building and why did he break his promise? 

Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Matt Roloff/Instagram

Is He Building His Ex A Wedding Venue? 

LPBW fans love to watch Matt Roloff working on the farm. In a video posted last week, he shared footage of a cement foundation going down. All of his grandchildren were present to put their names in the cement. In fact, Jeremy Roloff may have accidentally revealed the due date of baby #3. 

Matt shared a new video of a drive-by the construction area with his grandson Jackson in tow. Comments on both posts called Matt out for breaking his word to Amy about waiting until after the wedding. However, some people suggested that Matt could be building a venue to host Amy’s wedding. 

But other people left comments saying Matt was building either his new house or a new barn. According to Matt Roloff, the construction will be done by Amy’s wedding next month. 

Amy Roloff Doesn’t Want to be Friends With Her Ex

Amy Roloff is willing to have her wedding on the farm, but only because there isn’t another option. However, she has made it clear to anyone who will listen that she does not want to be friends with her ex-husband. In fact, she practically banned her fiance from becoming buddy-buddy with Matt. 

Distractify reports that Matt and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler didn’t get an invite to the wedding. Why? According to Amy’s live Instagram video, there’s “too much history” there. As fans know, Amy Roloff highly suspects that Matt was cheating on her with Caryn. 

Not that Matt and Caryn wanted to go to the wedding anyway. 

Do you think Matt Roloff was wrong to break his word to Amy about starting construction? Or does he have the right to do what he wants, now that he owns the property outright? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Keep watching Little People, Big World Tuesdays on TLC as it builds up to Amy’s wedding. 

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  1. I think he has all the rights in the world. Amy broke a lot of her promise thur the year to Matt. Service her right. Lol

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