‘Below Deck Med’: Captain Sandy Yawn Teases Future Plans With Leah Schafer

[Credit: Captain Sandy Yawn/Instagram]

Below Deck Med star Captain Sandy Yawn is sailing the high seas as seen during Season 6. When she’s not on the rocky waters, she’s seen spending time with her girlfriend, Leah Shafer. The two are still together and are going strong. Sandy revealed all about their relationship in a new interview with Bravo TV’s The Daily Dish.

Their relationship is so strong that she bonds with her girlfriend’s daughter. Does that mean the two are getting hitched soon? Sandy shared an update and talked about their future plans. Love is still in the air for this pair.

Captain Sandy Yawn shares a relationship update

Back in June, the Below Deck Med Season 6 star confirmed with Bravo Insider that Leah is “amazing.” Sandy revealed that her girlfriend launched a new business. She couldn’t stop gushing over her partner and said that love is in the air. Leah launched a new venture called Hydralounge, which offers IV therapy and other mineral treatments.

Last month, the couple celebrated the latest launch in Denver. Hydralounge started off strong. Leah previously worked as a medical aesthetician. She decided to pivot her life and launch her business amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Sandy explained how Leah’s business came into fruition.

“She just thought outside the box and thought, ‘How do I keep people healthy and keep my business thriving?'” Sandy explained to the Bravo Insider. “And that’s what she thought of.”

When Sandy’s not working, they often spend most of their time together. Sandy has also gotten to know Leah’s daughter, Lauren, who just turned 15 in May. Sandy and Lauren grew close ever since the pair started dating. The two reside at their home in Denver along with Leah’s daughter.

The couple started building their new home. They plan to make the move to Florida together. In a previous interview with Bravo Insider, Sandy said the entire process will take 18 months to complete.

Below Deck Med star teases wedding news

Does that mean Sandy and Leah will tie the knot one day? At first, the captain admitted that “slow and steady wins the race.” The two have been together for less than two years. When it comes to taking the next step, Sandy teased that it could happen.

On Monday night’s episode of Below Deck Med, Sandy was the one who officiated a wedding. At the beginning of the episode, it didn’t seem like it was going to happen. A storm lingered in the midst. The newlyweds argued the night before, leading crew members to think that there won’t be a wedding.

[Credit: Captain Sandy Yawn/Instagram]
[Credit: Captain Sandy Yawn/Instagram]
Sandy took to Instagram to share a photo of herself with charter guest Dr. Jennifer Berman. On the June 20 post, she called the moment an “epic night.” She added that it was “full of love” between Eric Jay Baker and Dr. Berman, despite what fans saw.

Below Deck Med airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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