‘Big Brother 23’ Houseguest Britini D’Angelo Reveals She Has Autism

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A big deal was made out of a houseguest being on the spectrum last year and it turns out there is a houseguest with autism in Big Brother 23 as well! During her intro interview, houseguest Britini D’Angelo revealed that she was diagnosed with autism just before she turned two years old.

Autism was a huge topic of conversation last season

Viewers will recall Big Brother 22 player Ian Terry also opened up about being autistic early on in the season. Unfortunately, some of the houseguests had a pretty hard time accepting Ian because he was different. There was even a bullying scandal involving Ian Terry’s autism that caused a massive stir. Fans at home caught several houseguests making fun of Ian because of his autism. Viewers were furious with production didn’t address the bullying and nothing was done about it.

So, for those who were so bothered by the treatment of Ian Terry last season, it is pretty refreshing to see a houseguest on the spectrum again this season.

Britini D’Angelo wants to represent those with disabilities like autism

Big Brother 23 houseguest Britini D’Angelo got a little emotional as she discussed her autism diagnosis. She admitted she had to work five times harder than people around her to get where she was today. She acknowledged that while she may make it look like things are easy for her, that is far from the case. Britini D’Angelo made it clear she hopes to be a representation for anyone with a disability. She hopes being a houseguest in the show will show others with a disability they can give it a try as well if they want to.

What else do we know about this houseguest?

Britini D’Angelo came into the house with a fire in her belly. She made it clear she was ready to play hard and wanted to win. She noted she isn’t interested in being anyone’s pawn as the game progresses.

What is most interesting about this houseguest of Season 23 is she wears many hats. Britini D’Angelo is a kindergarten teacher. She has been involved in karate since she was 12. Britini loves theater, tennis, and making TikTok videos. She won two awards at Niagara University including Niagara Medal and the Senior Medal. Turns out, she was the very first person to win both of these awards during the same year.

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Not only does she love karate, but she’s VERY good at it. She holds a 4th-degree black belt rank via the Chuck Norris System. And, she’s won the United Fighting Arts Federation World Championships Tournament three times. She even has a snow globe collection. This houseguest is also very musical playing the piano, flute, and saxophone. Plus, she’s a dance teacher that has 19 years of experience as a dancer.

Big Brother 23 houseguest Britini D’Angelo is certainly a force to be reckoned with. And, how cool would it be if she became the first winner of Big Brother with autism? Stick with us at TvShowsAce for the latest on Big Brother 23.

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