John David Duggar’s Wife Abbie Crosses Jim Bob In A BIG Way…Again 

John David Duggar Abbie Duggar TLC YouTube

John David Duggar’s wife Abbie crosses her father-in-law Jim Bob once again as she makes it clear she won’t be boxed into his ideal gender role. According to The Sun, Abbie is officially the first woman within the Duggar family tree to obtain a pilot license. The outlet goes on to report Abbie Duggar obtained her student pilot certificate on August 20, 2020.

Abbie Duggar crosses Jim Bob by getting a pilot license

As those who follow the Duggar family know, it is extremely common for men within the Duggar family to obtain a pilot license. Abbie’s husband John David has one. Jeremiah, Josiah, and Austin Forsyth all also have pilot licenses.

Traditionally, women under the Duggar family tree are stay-at-home wives and mothers. As those who follow Abbie and John David know, this is not the first time she’s crossed Jim Bob’s ideals in a major way. Abbie Duggar has a job outside of the home. She works as a registered nurse. This is a huge violation of Jim Bob’s beliefs as he teaches his children that the men work to support the family and the women stay home to tend to the house and children.

John David Duggar Abbie Duggar TLC YouTube

The Sun confirms Abbie’s pilot license is active. It expires in April of 2022. Presently, she is prohibited from having any passengers on her aircraft.

John David Duggar and his wife love flying

Most Duggar fans aren’t too surprised Abbie would violate Jim Bob’s beliefs and get a pilot license. She and her husband share a pretty deep love for flying. In fact, Abbie was surrounded by aircraft when John David popped the question. They enjoy flying to spend time together. The lovebirds had their wedding pictures taken at an airport. Announcing the pregnancy of their daughter Grace even revolved around flying and airplanes.

John David and his wife Abbie have elected not to speak out on the controversy surrounding their family because of Josh Duggar. They also have not made news of her pilot license public on their shared Instagram account just yet.

Abbie Duggar Instagram

Unfortunately, John David and Abbie Duggar are not that active on social media. Their last two Instagram posts are from a week ago. The third post on their profile is from four weeks ago. With Abbie working as a nurse and obtaining a pilot license, it makes sense that the couple doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on social media.

Are you surprised Abbie Duggar crossed Jim Bob and got a pilot license?

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  1. To get a student pilot certificate you don’t have to have actually flown an airplane. You simply get the certificate when you apply for a combined medical certificate/student pilot certificate at an FAA designated medical examiner’s office or get a standalone student cert from the FAA office or one of their designated examiners. You simply have to be old enough and have ID. I hope she succeeds with her dream but it’s hardly newsworthy at this point.

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