Danielle Busby Flaunts Curves While Fixing Her Girls‘ Diving Form

Danielle Busby/Instagram

Danielle Busby is a hands-on mom, even if she’s not dressed quite for the occasion. Giving your kids swimming lessons while wearing a dress hardly seems practical. But somehow, Danielle Busby manages to look chic AND flaunts her curves while doling out swimming instructions. How does she do it??

Busby Family Beats the Heat in Nana and Papa’s Pool 

Adam and Danielle Busby live in Texas with their six daughters. But the family recently spent some time in Louisiana to spend time with Adam’s parents. The girls were particularly fond of taking a dip in their grandparents’ pool. 

Don’t the Busbys have their own pool in Texas? Yes, and no. They do have a pool, but can’t use it at the moment. It’s getting fixed up, along with some other exterior parts of the home. 

So the six-year-old quints and 10-year-old Blayke spent a lot of time in the pool on vacation. 

Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

Riley Takes a Big Leap 

As OutDAUGHTERED viewers know, Riley Busby is quite adventurous. While her sisters jumped in the pool the typical way, Riley kicked it up a notch. Adam Busby shared a video to his Instagram Stories of Riley’s daring jump. 

Rather than facing forward while jumping, Riley jumped in backward. In fact, for a split second before she leaps, it looks like she is about to do a backflip. Instead, she throws up the peace sign and splashes into the pool. 

Danielle Busby Flaunts Curves Poolside in Sexy Dress While Giving Out Diving Tips

For the Busby family, Sundays are for two things: going to church, and then having fun. After Sunday services, the Busby girls immediately took to the pool. In fact, Danielle Busby didn’t even have time to change out of her fiery red dress. 

In a video shared by Adam Busby, Danielle is hanging out poolside in her dress. She tries to show Riley the correct diving form, only to get shooed away by the independent girl. Did Miss Independence nail her dive? Not really. Perhaps she should have listened to mom! 

Two Busby Girls Left Behind After Pool Fun

Sunday Funday is over, but two of the Busby girls are still hanging out with their grandparents. Adam, Danielle, and the other girls all went home to Texas. Who got left behind? Blayke and Hazel. 

Do you think the Busby girls need more help working on their diving form? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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