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‘Love After Lockup’: Did Daonte & Nicolle Tie The Knot?

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Daonte could not wait for Nicolle to be released from prison. The Love After Lockup Romeo heavily prepared for his Juliet’s release. He had purchased a bevy of lavish gifts fit for a queen and used a fake Nicolle to stay faithful. Finally, he greeted his love with an envelope of cash to welcome her to the outside world. It seemed like these two were headed to a fairytale ending. However, the upcoming previews had two sides. One showed the couple walking down the aisle. The other had Nicolle texting behind Daonte’s back, saying she was keeping a secret. So, is a happy ending on the horizon for the lovebirds? Starcasm has the answer.

Love After Lockup Wedding?

Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram
Credit: Love After Lockup Instagram

Nicolle is hiding a secret from Daonte. This is going to be very hard for him especially since he remained so faithful to her while she was in jail. He also ensured she had every luxury possible when she was free. This included Michael Kors watches, an iPhone, shoes, and more. It seemed like he wanted to make her his bride. Why wouldn’t she want to marry him?

Keep in mind, Daonte has a penchant for prison girls. Nicolle is not his first and he is known to spoil his women. The last inmate he dated left him broke. After that, he ended up having to move back home. Clearly, he is attracted to bad girls or he likes taking care of them. Either way, he needs to keep his eyes open so he does not get taken advantage of by Nicolle.

What could Nicolle be keeping from him? From the previews, it does look like he gets his happy ending. Unfortunately, it is not his wedding viewers are attending.

Nicolle Gets Married- To Someone Else

According to Starcasm, yes there is a wedding. Daonte and Nicolle do walk down the aisle. However, Nicolle actually marries a woman. Yes, she ends up marrying a woman rather than the man who waited patiently for her. Nicolle and her bride became engaged in December. Her wife also has served time so that could be what has bonded the two. There is no telling how the series will play out this wedding.

This most likely will be the secret Nicolle has been keeping from Daonte. She has probably been communicating with her soon-to-be wife on the side. It must get serious and she realizes she needs to tell Daonte sooner rather than later. Clearly, if he is willing to have a wedding with her, he was willing to overlook anything she was hiding.

What do you think of Nicolle ditching Daonte for a woman? Does this shock you? Let us know in the comments below and don’t miss Love After Lockup Fridays on WEtv.

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