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Lifetime’s ‘Doomsday Mom: The Lori Vallow Story’ Is Ripped From The Headlines

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Lifetime continues their Summer of Secrets with a horrific true-crime story that remains in the current headlines. The name of this movie is Doomsday Mom: The Lori Vallow Story. This movie stars Lauren Lee Smith (Frankie Drake Mysteries, The Wedding Ring), Marc Blucas (Good Morning Christmas, Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Patrick Duffy (Dallas, Once Upon A Main Street), Linda Purl (The Office, The Oath), Aias Dalman (When Time Got Louder, A Christmas Wish), and Astrid Trueman (Used).

Immediately afterward, watch the documentary Beyond The Headlines: Chasing The Doomsday Story. Here is what we know about the upcoming Lifetime productions.

What Is Lifetime’s Doomsday Mom: The Lori Vallow Story About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Doomsday Mom: The Lori Vallow Story is based on the true story of Lori Vallow (Smith). Back in the Fall of 2019, Vallow gained national attention when her children, JJ and Tylee, were reported missing from their Idaho home.

Throughout the movie, we learn how Lori and Chad met at a book signing. A devout Christian, Lori admired Chad’s writing. The couple ends up in a clandestine affair that leads to numerous murders.

Eventually, the investigators learned of Lori and her husband Chad Daybell’s (Blucas) involvement in a doomsday-prepper group. This did not just happen. Investigators had to follow the breadcrumbs to solve this horrific mystery. They had to visit five states to get all of the clues.

While searching for the missing children, the investigators also uncovered some questionable deaths. This did not bode well for the fates of JJ and Tylee. Eventually, they found the bodies of JJ and Tylee in June of 2020. They were in the backyard of Chad’s home.

Lifetime Doomsday Mom Story Difficult For Marc Blucas

When shooting a movie, such as this Lifetime movie, connecting with characters is important. However, when speaking to Media Village, Marc Blucas explained why this was so difficult. “At the end of the day, these are not great people” But, that did not stop the veteran actor from giving a realistic and “three-dimensional” portrayal.

“It’s our jobs as actors to find how we can like them and portray something three-dimensional and real. I’m a very committed and passionate person, [but] about different things than I think Chad was committed and passionate about, or what he tried doing in bringing people together as a leader. You can’t question the fact that they had a conviction of what they believed, and I may not be in the same category with what they believed, but I could relate to [having that kind of conviction] and start there.”

However, Blucas found the relationship between the couple “fascinating.” “Chad started taking Lori down a very committed path and at some point, in their journey, it’s almost like she leapfrogs him in the power dynamics or in the commitment of their beliefs.”

When Can You Watch The Lori Vallow Story, Beyond The Headlines

Be sure to catch Doomsday Mom: The Lori Vallow Story on Saturday, June 26, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on the Lifetime Channel. Right after, catch Beyond The Headlines: Chasing The Doomsday Story. This documentary airs at 10 p.m. Eastern.

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