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‘Love After Lockup’ Tracie Wagaman In Hospital: Is The Baby Here?! 

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Love After Lockup star Tracie Wagaman was confirmed to be in the hospital. Concerned WeTV fans wondered if that meant her baby was finally here. Has she given birth?! Lily Red, co-host of Gossip With Goddess on YouTube, took to Instagram Live to update Love After Lockup fans. She did affirm the reality TV personality was currently in the hospital. Was she alright?! Fortunately, Lily invited Tracie to pop into the Instagram Live for a few minutes to update fans.

Tracie Wagaman in Hospital: Did she have the baby?

In case you missed it, Tracie Wagaman is pregnant. So, there is an obvious amount of concern among WeTV viewers after learning she was in the hospital. Naturally, viewers want to know if she and her baby are alright. In a hospital gown with a surgical mask dangling from her chin, Tracie Wagaman hops into the chat with Lily Red.

Almost immediately fans begin to hammer her with questions wanting to know as much as possible. Why is she in the hospital? Is the baby alright? Did Tracie Wagaman of Love After Lockup give birth?!

Tracie Wagaman Instagram

The Love After Lockup star shares small details about the baby

Lily Red noted she knew Tracie wanted some privacy with this baby. But, she was hoping for a little information for concerned fans. The Instagram influencers quickly affirmed she was in the hospital because she had given birth.

Tracie Wagaman explained she would have to stay in the hospital for a few days because she had her baby via c-section. The WeTV personality looked a little rough around the edges, but she appeared to be in good spirits. It was clear she wasn’t interested in giving too many details as she wanted some privacy.

But, she did reveal she was 37-weeks pregnant when she had the c-section to welcome her new baby into the world. Tracie also took the time to shut down any rumors that Clint was the father of her baby.

If you haven’t checked out the Instagram Live video yet, you can click here to watch it as it is just a few minutes long.

So, are you happy Tracie Wagaman gave birth to her baby? Do you think she’ll share a picture or any more info with us soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

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