OMG!!! Is Hazel Busby Of ‘OutDaughtered’ Possessed?!

Hazel Busby Instagram

Adam Busby shared a short video clip on his Instagram Stories of everyone’s favorite little redhead, Hazel, looking a little possessed. It was partially the way the video was edited and looped, but it certainly had a bit of a spooky feel to it. Unfortunately, this was an Instagram Stories upload and those expire. But, we did grab a screenshot of the spooky clip that you can check out down below!

What was going on in this possessed video clip of Hazel Busby?!

The spooky-looking video clip featured Hazel Busby on her hands and feet as she crawled back and forth on a white photography backdrop. The photo was edited and looped in a way that looked like the quint was moving extra fast as she scurried back and forth across the floor.

In a previous Instagram Story, Adam Busby had a clip that explained it was a  photoshoot day in the studio. As those who follow the OutDaughtered family know, Adam is a self-taught photographer. And, he’s a pretty talented one with a lot of serious equipment. He’s always happy to give advice and talk photography with fans in the comments of his Instagram posts.

Adam Busby Instagram

Adam and Danielle manage a clothing boutique. And, Adam Busby takes all of the photos for the Instagram that promotes the boutique himself. Between his nieces, nephews, and his six daughters… He has plenty of adorable models for the clothing too!

It looks like Hazel Busby was one of his models for this photoshoot. And, the silly little quint was having some fun scurrying back and forth in between takes. Adam Busby likely did the editing on the clip to add that spooky and possessed feel to it. Fortunately, we don’t actually believe Hazel Busby is possessed. But, it was an enjoyable little clip! Check out a photo from the clip down below.

Adam and Danielle don’t force their girls to model

The OutDaughtered parents have gotten backlash for a quint or two not being featured on the clothing boutique Instagram for a period of time. Adam and Danielle explain the quints are always in control of being in front of the camera or not. So, if a quint doesn’t want to model… They don’t have to. Some fans questioned if they were giving too much freedom to such young girls. But, others like that they don’t force their girls to do things they don’t want to do.

Adam Busby Instagram

So, what do you think of the silly video clip of possessed Hazel Busby? Do you think Adam intended for it to look that way? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

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