Jarrod Schulz Pleads Not Guilty To Assaulting Brandi, Trial Date Set

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Jarrod Schulz of Storage Wars has decided to plead not guilty regarding charges that he assaulted Brandi Passante. According to TMZ, the A&E star alleges that he never touched or had any contact with Brandi. He’s denying that he pushed her roughed her up in any way. As we previously reported, police caught up with Jarrod days after the incident was alleged to have occurred. Jarrod was quick to tell police he never put his hands on Brandi Passante.

Jarrod Schulz pleads not guilty, case heads for trial

According to TMZ, the Storage Wars star wants the whole case against him dismissed. He maintains he didn’t rough up his ex. Speaking directly to the outlet, Jarrod’s attorney Benjamin Arsenian tells TMZ his client adamantly denies making any physical contact with Brandi Passante. His attorney goes on to confirm Jarrod will not be taking any plea deals. That is, of course, unless the plea deal involves the dismissal of the case.

Other sources close to the case confirm the prosecutors have not offered a deal on their side of the table for Jarrod. So, this means the case is slated to go to trial.

What happened exactly?

It was TMZ that originally broke the story back in April when Jarrod allegedly roughed up Brandi Passante. Prosecutors reveal Jarrod pushed Brandi twice after the duo got in a heated argument. Reports reveal Brandi was hanging out at the bar with her friends when Jarrod just happened to stumble in.

Unfortunately, witness accounts of what happened are pretty contradicting. Some say Jarrod did not actually push her. Some say he just bumped her shoulder. Others say he was sitting the entire time this incident is alleged to have happened.

According to law enforcement sources close to the case, we know Brandi Passante did no go to the hospital after the alleged assault. In fact, she did not have any visible marks on her body.

Will Jarrod Schulz get kicked off the show?

Some Storage Wars fans wonder if Jarrod Schulz will get kicked off the show. At the very least, it doesn’t appear to be a good idea for him and Brandi to be in the same episodes because of their toxic relationship. As we previously reported, the network did confirm if the accusations against him are determined to be true he would be off the show. We, however, do know Jarrod wiped traces of Storage Wars from his Instagram recently. So, he may choose to walk away from the series on his own.

Do you think this tension is hard for Brandi and Jarrod’s children? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. Brandi was always the one with loose hands. She has used her hands in so many different shows hitting and or shoving/pushing Jarrod. I do not recall Jarrod having the same problem with Brandi.

    1. He always treated her badly. He would have all the fun and leaving her to pick up his mess. He always called her names…bitch and such. Yes she was handsy when she talked. But it wasn’t out of spite. I do the same with mine. I watched the 1st episode of the 13th season. He admitted that he would upbid her just to piss her off. It was hard to watch this episode, him walking up on her, to him upbidding her and her criticism of him. I have read that she has the children 24/7. If true, I would resent the fact he has little to do with his children. Again if the allegations are true, if he has the balls to assult someone in public…what did he do behind doors when they were together?

  2. The way I c it is jared did treat her bad and I do believe he did hit her why would she lie about that if he did not hit her then whybr they in court he would get mad when she would bid on a shed when he could bid on any one he wanted and over bid but she would bid he would say u bid to high so to me I am on her side she did not deserve how he treated her so I don’t care what ppl.say I am on her side

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