‘Fat Amy’ Is Out, Amy Halterman Identifies As Skinny Now: See Photos

Amy Halterman Instagram

Amy Halterman took to Instagram twice yesterday to announce ‘fat Amy’ was out and she’s identifying as ‘skinny Amy’ now. Both her first post and her secondary post included a big collection of photos as the TLC star flaunted herself.

Amy Halterman identifies as skinny now, goodbye to fat

Now, the 1000-Lb. Sisters star has just over 250,000 followers on Instagram. So, it isn’t too surprising that they had a lot to say about her saying goodbye to being fat and hello to being skinny. Turns out, the TLC personality has a lot of pretty protective followers. One quickly noticed a typo in the caption of her first post and begged her to change it. They noted she spelled “retired” wrong. And, they begged her to change it before people “come for her.” Others responded agreeing that was also the first thing they noticed and thought about when they saw the post.

Is she hiding behind filters?!

Now, some of her Instagram followers had fewer kind words for her. Turns out, they were quick to drag her for the same things they come after Tammy Slaton for. Some of her Instagram followers are over the pictures with filters. They want to see how Amy looks without the filters on her pictures. Now, it is possible there are restrictions on what she can and cannot post on Instagram because of the show. Tammy Slaton, for example, has explained she can’t post full-body pictures because of the show. It’s safe to assume Amy Halterman probably has certain restrictions too.

Her post caused some panic

This Instagram announcement did cause some panic among fans. This panic was because of a few media outlets taking the word “retiring” and running with it. As we previously reported, some outlets suggested Amy was retiring from the series and would not be in Season 3. There, however, has never been any information to indicate that is true.

Is Amy Halterman looking skinny these days?

Unfortunately, we have no idea how much weight Amy has lost. This is also likely information we will have to wait for Season 3 to learn. But, check out some photos Amy Halterman just posted on Instagram as she announced she was feeling skinny these days.

Amy Halterman Instagram

Do you think “Fat Amy” is really gone? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Allie Johnson


  1. Weight loss is the most difficult effort anyone could attempt. But Amy is doing it! She is amazingly strong and determined. We all enjoy eating things that taste good to us. It’s a natural trait that almost all living entities share – Sense gratification of the tongue. But Amy found a way to conquer her desire for yummy things….so very strong!

  2. I love Amy but, i certainly noticed in latest epidode of serial 3, Amy has gained quite alot of weight, she is shown eating alsorts of forbidden food, id hate to see all the weight shes lost go back on. As for Tammy, ive lost all hope in her, she gets fatter by the week, in next weeks weigh in with docter, i predict Amy’s weight to be at least 700lb

    1. Amy is using filters of herr younger self as is Tammy. I don’t buy for a minute Tammy dropped so many pounds you can actually see a difference. Show the whole body. But I believe this is a photo of younger Tammy. It’s plausible.

  3. Well I think Amy should move and let Tammy try to make it on her own a little bit more. She needs to just visit and make Tammy do her own shopping. I know it’s hard to do but sometimes hard love works best

  4. I just love Amy & her little family. Amy being pregnant again Gage will have a sibling. As for Tammy , she’s so rude and disrespectful towards everyone. Her childish ways with people are just awful. She just does not care about anyone nor herself.

  5. Amy needs to find her backbone and move on. Let Tammy do whatever it takes to get along alone. Amy’s little family should take care of itself. Tammy calls Amy selfish but Amy should force on her own family. Tammy is a selfish, irresponsible, mean person

  6. Tell Tammy we can work out together on Facebook live we can do it together Tammy you can walk girl I can’t walk because I have really bad knees but I just watch my calories but Tammy you can walk I believe in you

  7. Tammy … You say your grown that you don’t need your families help – well get up off your foul mouth running ass and do all the errands you put off on your family members !- Start by driving your own self to do them. Also you or no one should be using the language y’all use in front of Gage.Yan, love and be kind to the loving family you’re blessed w/
    ou have the world to go out and do anything you put your mind to

  8. I agree the language used in front of Gage is horrible! No child needs to hear that! I think Amy has put on weight and it looks like after having her surgery and Gage she would want to work that much harder! Tammy seems not to care how much the scales go up! So sad. Tammy start believing in yourself! You can do this!!!

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