Savannah Chrisley Spills Secrets To Her Perfect Complexion

[Credit: Savannah Chrisley/Instagram]

Savannah Chrisley has become a beauty maiden in her own right. Ever since the launch of Sassy by Savannah Cosmetics, the reality star has been sharing her beauty secrets on social media. Savannah actively promotes the brand, which always sells out because it’s been so popular. Fans and followers of the Chrisley Knows Best star wants to know how she looks so good.

Some just want to copy Savannah’s look. Others just want to her beauty secrets. On Monday, June 14, Savannah took to Instagram to reveal how she gets a clear complexion. This time she wasn’t promoting her own line. Instead, Savannah swears by this product.

How Savannah Chrisley gets such smooth skin

Savannah Chrisley shared a selfie of herself with a green face mask. She took a break from her makeup to treat her skin. The USA Network star wore a white T-shirt and held up a jar in the photo. It’s the product that Savannah uses to keep her skin smooth and flawless.

In the lengthy post, Savannah admits she’s learned a lot about skincare since launching her own cosmetics brand. She realized that it’s important to take care of her skin. It’s not just about wearing beautiful makeup every day. Savannah makes sure to use “natural, clean skincare products” that make her face feel “healthy” and “glowing.”

[Credit: Savannah Chrisley/lnstagram]
[Credit: Savannah Chrisley/lnstagram]
For the past four years, Savannah has been using the Teami Blends Green Tea Detox Mask. She found that this mask removes impurities from her pores more than others do. Instead of having dry and irritated skin, she’s left with a soft and clean face. The Southern stars call the mask “a full detox for my blackheads + pores!”

Savannah recommends the mask for those who struggle with acne, breakouts, or “just need a skin reset!” Savannah offered a discount to her fans and followers who are interested in trying out the mask. The blonde beauty concluded her post by asking fans if they used Teami since she highly recommends it.

Chrisley Knows Best fans sound off

Savannah Chrisley shocked fans with her selfie. Rather than talking about Teami Blends or the mask itself, they commented on the photo. One fan mistaken Savannah for her younger brother, Grayson Chrisley. Another fan wrote: “You have the most amazing skin too so definitely want to try this!”

Apparently, there are a few curious fans in the comments. Some told Savannah that her skin is so beautiful that she doesn’t even makeup. They wouldn’t mind it if she went makeup-free most of the time. However, Savannah would no longer have an ever-growing makeup empire if that were the case.

[Credit: Savannah Chrisley/lnstagram]
[Credit: Savannah Chrisley/lnstagram]
There were some questions about the mask. One user asked Savannah how often she uses it. But unfortunately, she does not respond to comments on Instagram. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Savannah Chrisley.

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