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OMG!! Tammy Slaton Makes HUGE Weight Loss Progress [2021 Update]

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If you are looking for a 2021 update on Tammy Slaton we are happy to report the 1000-Lb. Sisters star has made some HUGE progress in her weight loss. In fact, this 2021 update contradicts information we obtained when her former business partner when live on YouTube. Her former business partner noted Tammy Slaton had been doing great in losing weight. Then, she started dating the BBW King. And, she started to gain weight instead. We reported on the weight gain as fans noticed it in her social media pictures a few months ago.

Now, there have been a lot of rumors swirling about Tammy Slaton’s relationship status. Some note she and BBW King broke up because he cheated on her via TikTok. Some note Tammy Slaton actually got back with Jerry Sykes after stealing him from Ashley Taylor. There are even rumors that BBW King asked Tammy to marry him. Regardless of what is and isn’t true, we can confirm Tammy Slaton has taken a HUGE step in the right direction with her weight loss. What is it Tammy did exactly? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

She has been on Oxygen since Gage was born

Tammy Slaton was rushed to the hospital around the same time Gage was born. She ended up testing positive for COVID-19. After getting better, she had to go on oxygen. Tammy continued to post on TikTok and Instagram rocking her oxygen up until just a couple days ago. 1000-Lb. Sisters fans grew concerned Tammy Slaton wasn’t making any weight loss progress. Otherwise, why was she still on oxygen? The TLC personality did explain on TikTok getting off oxygen was a process that took time.

Tammy Slaton Instagram

Tammy Slaton’s 2021 weight loss update

In the past 24 hours, Tammy Slaton surprised everyone when she posted a lot of pictures of herself without her oxygen tubing on her face. Had she finally moved in the right direction? Was she no longer on oxygen? Fans praised her in the comments quickly calling attention to the lack of oxygen tubing. Many took this to be a sign Tammy Slaton was moving in the right direction with her weight loss.


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Are you happy to see Tammy Slaton is without oxygen now? Do you like this 2021 weight loss update on the reality TV star? Share your thoughts on her progress in the comments down below.

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  1. Same but this seems to be a person that has more excuses than anyone. When the doctor tells you you are going to die then stop!!! Get therapy cuz it’s not easy to stop but at least freggin try

  2. Her family needs to stop taking care of her otherwise she will never lose this weight and will eventually die. They are as much to blame as she is ! Why would you lose the weight when you have slaves all around you to do everything for you. As far as the dying thing goes she probably don’t believe it. She thinks she knows more than everyone including the doctors.

    1. imy self was 30 stone ans doctor kept saying to me you must lose weight or die its very hard you do not belive it if you feel well and fit i ad no breathing probs but could not get in the bath and when i could not get tights to fit one day that was the turning point for me so i ad band and if she thinks its hard now wait till she as surgery then realy work begin but good luck to her xx

  3. Can someone check up on Tammy to see if there is any truth to her latest tic-tock that shows her to be in a hospital, She said she’s had a nervous break down and was trach but for what reason? I didn’t think you were able to talk with a tube down your throat.

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