Myrka Cantu Reacts To Her Ex Asking Girls To Slide Into His DMs

Credit: Myrka Cantu/Instagram

Drama is heating up between Myrka Cantu and her ex, Ethan Ybarra. Despite her best attempts at keeping things cordial, they are involved in an odd Instagram Stories war. Over the weekend, Ethan encouraged his female fans to slide into his DMs. Myrka then took to her own Instagram to dish about the tense situation. 

Did Cheating Play a Role in Breakup?

Unexpected fans were shocked but not surprised when Ethan Ybarra and Myrka Cantu confirmed their breakup earlier this month. It’s not that fans wanted them to split up. Just the opposite, actually. However, viewers knew that as teen parents, the odds were stacked against Myrka and Ethan. 

The initial split rumors involved cheating and potential domestic violence. When confirming the split, the former couple denied either of those scenarios in their breakup. However, they also refuse to elaborate on what caused the rift. 

Since the breakup, Myrka Cantu’s followers have been sending her info about Ethan’s other social media activity. While she initially denied that cheating was involved, the evidence seems to be piling up. 

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Ethan Ybarra Wants to Find Love Again 

For whatever reason, Ethan Ybarra has been sharing some of the complimentary DMs he’s received from his followers. Some Myrka fans have questioned whether Ethan is trying to make his ex jealous. In one of his latest Instagram Stories slides, he reveals what he wants. 

He doesn’t want to get back together with Myrka. However, he would like to find someone to love him. He clarified in another slide that he was looking for companionship, not a hookup. 

Not surprisingly, his posts made their way to Myrka Cantu. How did she react? 

Myrka Cantu Reacts to His Thirsty Post 

Immediately following the split, Myrka Cantu did her best to maintain peace with her ex. However, the gloves may be off after his latest Instagram Stories. The Unexpected star answered questions from fans this weekend. One fan wanted to know if Myrka had seen Ethan’s posts. 

She did. And she hopes they were eye-opening to other fans of the show. She wrote that she “knew his priorities” and now everyone else does, too. 

Credit: Mykra Cantu/Instagram
Credit: Mykra Cantu/Instagram

Another follower asked Myrka Cantu if she plans to start dating. While it wasn’t a hard no, Myrka said, “probably not.” She wants to “move forward” for Attalie, the daughter she shares with Ethan. 

Credit: Mykra Cantu/Instagram
Credit: Mykra Cantu/Instagram

Did Ethan See Her Reaction? 

As for Ethan, he responded to a fan asking if he was going to “address Myrka’s comments.” But according to Ethan, he can’t see his ex’s posts. It’s unclear if Myrka blocked him or if he simply unfollowed her. Since purging his Instagram after the breakup, he only follows 11 accounts, most of them religious. 

Furthermore, Ethan wants to focus on himself. 

Credit: Ethan Ybarra/Instagram
Credit: Ethan Ybarra/Instagram

Do you think Ethan and Myrka should stop the back-and-forth on their social media? Is there any chance of a reconciliation at this point? Share your thoughts in the comments below. TLC has yet to announce plans for Season 5 of Unexpected. Myrka has made it clear she doesn’t want to return.  

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