Tammy Slaton Exposed By Ex-Partner Quincy: Drops HUGE Bombshells

Tammy Slaton YouTube

1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton was exposed by ex-partner Quincy on YouTube Live today. Quincy went live with a YouTuber named EmmY The plant lady for an hour today. As those who follow the Tammy Slaton merch Instagram account know, Quincy has been promising to expose Tammy for a little while now.

Quincy spent an hour answering questions and discussing his relationship with Tammy Slaton during this YouTube video. The 20-year-old dropped several bombshells and spilled some major tea. How has Tammy Slaton been exposed by this young man? And, what exactly was his relationship with her? Keep reading, we’ll explain.

Tammy Slaton and Quincy’s relationship explained

Tammy Slaton is a reality TV star in her mid-thirties. Quincy is a 20-year-old aspiring social media influencer. Toward the beginning of the YouTube Live video, he explains he met Tammy on Instagram. He said their relationship was a little rocky from the start because she tends to block people if she gets mad at them. According to Quincy, the TLC personality is a very jealous person who likes attention.

Quincy and Tammy Slaton went into business together. They started a 1000-Lb. Sisters merchandise shop. They were going to capitalize on the popularity of the show. But, things did not work out. There was a lot of internal drama. Both Tammy and Quincy were accused of scamming people.

Quincy reveals he did quit his job to go all-in on this merchandise store. But, he never got any money out of it. In fact, he used his own money to refund a few unhappy customers when things went south. It does sound as if Quincy still talks to her to some degree. But, it doesn’t sound like he’s too interested in being friends with Tammy anymore.

She wanted a relationship with him

Turns out, Tammy wanted to be more than friends. Quincy reveals Tammy would send her sexual innuendo and nude photos all the time. She was constantly making passes and wanted more than a friendship. He, however, was not interested in that. What made it worse for Quincy is Tammy was never interested in just him. Turns out, she was juggling several different men at the same time. Her former partner notes she cares about men and money. Isn’t concerned with much else.

Tammy Slaton exposed: Many bombshells dropped

Quincy had a lot of tea to spill when it came to Tammy Slaton. For starters, he confirmed she really did fake her death with the help of her sister Amy to scam fans out of money. When asked if he thought Tammy was jealous of baby Gage, he noted that he wasn’t sure. But, that she is an extremely jealous person.

He also cleared the air on the Cameo scam. He noted scamming people on Cameo isn’t easy to do. Quincy claims you don’t receive payment until you deliver the video. So, she would not have been able to scam people.

He also reveals in addition to talking to him, she was talking to another guy, and she was talking to her current boyfriend the BBW King. He also confirmed her new/current boyfriend the BBW King is NOT loyal to Tammy. Quincy reveals the clout chaser was busted for flirting with other women on social media after his relationship with Tammy was confirmed.

Quincy also confirms Tammy Slaton is no longer losing weight. In fact, he insists her health overall is a lot worse since Season 2 aired. Her former business partner notes Tammy Slaton would continue to be exposed as he has more interviews planned.

You can watch the video down below:

Are you surprised by some of what is coming out about Tammy Slaton?

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  1. I think Amy should leave her sister Tammy. Amy has a family now so they need to be her priority now. Nothing surprises me about Tammy she is her own worst enemy she has treated Amy like a slave it is time for her to do things on her own .

      1. I can barely watch season 3 cause Tammy makes me just that sick. She’s more selfish & controlling & of course more hungry than ever! Nasty ass gargantuan bitch

        1. Can’t the family have her commmited? She is in fact committing suicide……she is a harm to herself as well others. I get afraid when she holds Gage. She’s mentally ill.

          1. I think Tammy should be placed and with her attitude, not sure people would stand it. She is an ungrateful person. She won’t last another 2 yrs that’s for sure. The doctors wanted her to lose weight more than she did

      2. You’re so right. Tammy is a horrible excuse for a human. They all should let her fend for herself and see how that works. They enable her by giving her food. If she cared about herself she would comply with the doctor. Put her in a home that doesn’t allow outside food and leave her there. If she starts abusing the staff they’ll ignore her. Let’s see how that works for that big nasty sloppy heifer.

    1. I agree Tammy is nothing more then a big baby & when she doesn’t get her own way she is very mean & ignorant to her siblings , they all go out of their way to accommodate her every whim as far as I’m concerned they should all wash their hands off from her she never appreciates anything they do for her anyway. I think they should make her stand on her own two feet maybe then she’ll realize just how much they did for her all the time. I’m really not a fan of anyone who takes advantage of those who love her.

  2. I think that Tammy is so far gone, the only way that she will get her weight under control, is to be in a facility and monitored, if she wants to die, she sure is headed in that direction. She is a rude person, she needs help and she talks to people like they are trash 🗑. Amy is an incredible sister to Tammy, Amy needs to know when it’s time to let go, let her rude, disrespectful ass, make it on her own.

    1. Totally agree with you. Tammy needs to quit being so mean to everyone that has tried to help her and take care of herself. She’s so ungrateful to EVERYONE.

    2. I very much so agree to everyone’s opinions and facts. But to partially clear the air a tad bit….Tammy was dealing with Co² of the brain which causes those types of behavior out of her. I am only speaking from experience with a love one (now deceased) that had Co² in the brain as well. But by no means shall people be treated as poorly as her siblings has been by her, I get people trust I do because I’ve been there with a person of an brain issue of the type.

  3. I think that Tammy acts out for the camera’s it seems she thinks it’s funny. She is the most ungrateful, rude person on TV. She wants a “normal” life and to find love of a man. What she doesn’t seem to realize that anything worthwhile in life takes work, effort, especially a relationship. She HAS to get right with herself before she can have a healthy relationship. I pray she will see the light and accept the help offered her before tragedy strikes her down.

    1. Oh my god Tammy is sickening lazy pice of crap .Amy don’t help her no more let that chuck of meat do for her self .The doctor told her to get up and move of course it gonna hurt all that hanging meat.IT GONNA HURT she so sloppy and nasty. I need to b on the show so I could give a real word ass whipping.show how it don. That hunk of meat really got some nerve

      1. Agreed!!! When pushed with the truth, she starts preaching about how Amy doesn’t eat right! Or, Amy should watch watch she’s eating. Or, AMY, AMY AMY!!!!
        I cannot watch that show to save my life any longer. She’s a disgusting tub of obesity, FULL OF EXCUSES!!!!!

    2. I think we should all stop commenting about Tammy and Amy and then maybe without all the interest in them dying down baby Amy and Tammy will get their lives together properly. Because they seem to live on the hype.

  4. Tammy needs to quit making excuses suck it up and get it done. Amy just needs to get on with her and her family

  5. I just have one thing to say and ask. Did you see that lazy abusive butt walking all around on tonights show? Granted she just might be in some sort of pain but nothing like she puts on. And if the lazy butt would get up and walk it would gradually ease the pain up. But she is so damned lazy and such an evil abusive person she doesn’t or won’t try to change anything. All she is is a pity party. And those asinine looks she comes up with someone needs to jack slap her ass. SHE WILL NEVER CHANGE

    1. Did you see her dancing? When Amy wanted her to dance with she and Michael she refused saying it was to hard. It didn’t look too hard when she was dancing with the guys. Or when she practically ran to the van to get booze. She just wants to play the pity card with her family.

    1. I agree. Tammy has serious mental problems. It appears she doesn’t want to lose weight. She is a very unhappy person and doesn’t hesitate to take it out on the people around her. She is rude and crude, and thinks everyone owes her. She doesn’t deserve help from Amy or family members until she changex her attitude. I hope Amy is able to walk away from her sister. She doesn’t deserve to be treated the way Tammy treats her. But remember, if Tammy should die the 1,000 lb sister show will come to an end.

  6. I think all of the family are enabling Tammy. She is a spoiled brat and they made her that way. They need to get her deemed incompetent and sign her into a rehabilitation center that she can’t sign herself out of. Then the family needs to back away and let the facility do their thing. If she is deemed incompetent then she can’t sign herself out. As far as her so called pain…yes she probably does from not using the body the good Lord gave her.

    1. I disagree with some of your post, especially the first part. For one, the family is not to blame. If I was Amy, there’s absolutely no way that I would even have anything to do with her anymore. Put yourself in Amy’s place.. you want to listen to that humongous POS bitch at you until you get the food she wants or go ahead and get it & do without her rude, disgusting stank mouth

  7. Tammy is just plain disgusting and revolting. I have a heap of trouble understanding how ANY man gets involved with her, and it doesn’t matter if he is a BBW admirer. She has to smell to high Heaven, she is rude, selfish and has a nasty personality. Whatever her problems are that caused her to behave the way she does and to be a food addict, I’m convinced she has mostly brought on herself. I do not understand why her family repeatedly takes her nastiness and verbal abuse. They’re also partly to blame for her behavior by continuing to cater to her. In my opinion, she’s played the “death” card once too many times, keeping her entire family scared that she’ll die if they don’t continue to cater to her demands! She’s just a nasty, disgusting and manipulative person who believes the world owes her something.

    One final word concerning both Amy and Tammy. What’s with all the farting and burping?! It’s not even a little bit funny, but rather low-class, rude and disgusting! I’ve had it with all of Amy’s suggestive remarks to various private body parts and then laughing like a hyena as though she just made the world’s funniest joke! All that does is goes to point out just how low on the social rung of proper behavior the two of them are!

      1. I have been in her shoes, she needs mental health support and she is not willing to do that. No one can help her if she is not ready, which she isn’t. I do find her lazy, none cooperative so she will eat herself to death, sorry

  8. Tammy wants to stay this way if I was her sister I would not go to Tammy’s house .and Amy you need to keep your baby away from Tammy her health com. are not good .And until she cleans up her self keep that baby away if your child gets sick you will be sorry

    1. Amen, you got that right ✅ if only all the family would back away from her. That’s thee only way she will live. Stop giving her all the unhealthy foods.

  9. My opinion & everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I think first Amygod bless u for all u do & have done for Tammy, u can tell u luv her, I think Tammy has never had a close friend to confide in besides her sister, and she doesn’t know what it’s like to have that type of relationship with anyone, besides her siblings, people always been nasty to her, so that’s all she knows…she figures why be nice? We all know she has issues with weight, well that’s a battle she fights with everyday noone can help her until she is ready..Being rude & mean to her ,PEOPLE U DO KNOW UR BEING A BULLY..Correct???!! NO Different THAN KIDS AT SCHOOL PICKING ON SOMEONE.. She has alot of anger, I get that, why don’t people stop taking someone else’s word about what she mite have done or not have done, words of support wud help..and a shout out to her hired help yes she did give her shit about walking, but at least she cares enuff to give ya crap..which Tammy sweetie u keep ignoring excercise ur family is gonna bury u and my advice gf .. and I know u probably don’t care but take that anger & pissed off u have deep and turn it around..show all the iggnorant bullies that they ain’t gonna bring u down anymore haters are gonna hate ignore them, I always say when people ask how I am, I am great still alive got people left to piss off and smile…lol.. I’m not going anywhere but up..granted life is hard but with ur stubbornness ( & trust me sista I am very bad attitude also I cud give ya run on that lol … u don’t wanna die, show them how u can get up and work it little by little everyday…. U CAN DO THIS TAMMY…!! AMY CONGRATS ON ur family and don’t listen to bullies granted issues between u & sister but she is family so God bless u & hubby for being there for her…Good Luck ladies…stay safe… Tammy not hating on u just offering a friendly advice…if u need one..😷☺️ screw what people think……

      1. Agree with u. Don’t watch the show but with all the articles,one can’t help but be nosy and read about this disgusting PIG of a person. I know people will rant and ravebut here goes…Just let her DIE. She’s a disgusting and nasty slob. She’s killing herself so let her die already. Sick of seeing her fat ass every time I check my phone.


    1. I appreciate your change of attitude towards Tammy, discouraging the bully element. However, Tammy was supported, propped up, had people “on her side” during youtube spats by the thousands since she started her YT channel. I watched it all.You’d be stunned at how she spoke to her fans back then during live streams. These people were masochistic and damaged- that’s all I could come up with. She had a few thousand fans and so did Amy. They were always in some argy-bargy or another. The way she spoke to her mother back then would floor you. Scream at her for being on the phone when Tammy wanted it. So many cover ups that never worked. The way they are is a choice. But the way Amy was compared to how she is now was a hard, hard choice too, that took more strength of character than all the Trisha Paytas’s and Gabbie Hanna’s will ever even recognise. Amy shocked everyone. And her husband is a King. So yes- her mother saying she “worked” so called “five jobs”, while the six- seven children had to walk to the Church Hall if they wanted to eat?? Forgive me God, but the only thing that woman, their mother, had enough of- was boyfriends and fathers for her kids. There’s no way she worked five jobs. She was out alley-catting around every day and night, if what Amy and Tammy said was right. “She had lots of boyfriends. There wasn’t a time she didn’t have men around.” And what happens when there’s a slew of boyfriends and a working mother? The boyfriends are left at home with the daughters. That’s where Amy’s abuse came from. But she tried to protect Tammy from it, and gave them all food to get through it. Amy has came so far, you would never believe it.

  10. Tammys family are turning themselves inside out standing on their heads busting their butts to help Tammy lose weight. What they don’t seem to realize is everything they do is in vain. Nobody but nobody can force Tammy to lose weight no matter what they do until Tammy herself decides she wants to lose weight. She has everyone wrapped around her little finger catering to her every whim and enabling her. It’s pretty disgusting to watch. Tammy has serious psychological problems in addition to her food addiction and no one in this family recognizes that. Or does anything to address that issue. Tammy gets mad verbally abuses everyone they give her food and then run around flapping their arms yelling like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. Yes they were abused as children but that’s no reason they can’t pull themselves out of the disfunctional muck they are in now. Amy Chris Misty and other family members. Go on with your lives and leave Tammy to her own devices. Make her grow up and take responsibility for herself. You haven’t done any good so far. Make Tammy want to save her own life

  11. Honestly Amy should walk away Tammy has no desire to get better she’s just in it for money. I’d rather see a series about Amy and how she turned her life around achieved dreams and made a difference in her life. Tammy is really sickening to watch, she actually puts me off the show. She is vulgar, and repulsive!

  12. On a side note, that 20 year old kid she sent nude pictures to!!!!…..😳…..now he’s got to be traumatized!!!!! Poor thing!!! Can you imagine!!!!!??? 😆😆😆

  13. Why is this even having air time. Tammy is playing to the camera. She is so disgusting in every way, she has no intention of helping herself or listening to any advice. She is a bully, and Amy needs to walk away, I know it’s her sister and she loves her but be strong Amy, give Tammy a shock and walk away, concentrate on your little family.

  14. TAMMY should be taken off the show the brother is trying to do right Amy is to all Tammy wants to do is fine a man she’s not focus on her weight shes mean and she’s rude to everybody she definitely needs help but she has to want it

  15. Please, please family stop enableing Tammy. The more you do , the less she will do. But I get it
    Now ,you all are in it for the money. Micheal seems to be the only one who has a job. Amy stop making your husband push your sister a round . That’s not funny.

  16. Tammy Slaton & Steven Assanti would make a spectacular power couple! Its basically the equivalent of the garbage dump meets the sewer plant!

  17. I agree with you 100% if she doesn’t want to help herself then that’s on her. Off she can’t see that these boyfriends as she calls them are in it for ONE reason and it’s NOT FOR the beauty and DEFINITELY NOT bc she’s outgoing she’s a bitch and lazy as hell if it were my family I would have left her to manage a long time ago and let her see how good she had out she pisses me the f off!


  19. You can not help someone Who doesnot want help,People sometimes need to be outed to take accountability for their actions,You cant agree to someone making all this money based on all lies,That’s whats wrong with this world well pay for someone’s lies but won’t support someone who actually knows her & how she really feels abour her fans.

  20. They are both con artist and out for money. I’m sick of them calling each other bitches and fighting.id dump Tammy right out of that chair and tell her to use her arms .tand roll herself they are both dirty and never wash their hair. Why wud either one deserve a cheat day

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