Does ‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Brianne Dias Health Scare Derail Her Progress?

My 600 lb Life: Brianne Dias

My 600-Lb. Life cast member Brianne Dias went through a major health scare recently. What happened to the TLC weight loss star?

My 600-Lb. Life Brianne Dias a TLC Success Story

My 600-Lb. Life viewers first met Brianne Dias when she appeared on Season 7 of the TLC transformation show. She weighed in at  742 pounds when she got to Houston to see Dr. Nowzaradan. Meanwhile, it was clear that there was a lot of work ahead for her if she wanted to turn things around and live a healthier life.

Brianne Dias kicked things into gear when it counted on My 600-Lb. Life. Notably, she really turned things around weight-wise since then. She is certainly an example of when TLC stars lose the weight and keep it off for the long haul. Meanwhile, based on the latest updates from her, she faced a completely different kind of health scare recently.

My 600 lb Life: Brianne Dias
My 600-lb Life: Brianne Dias/Instagram

Brianne Goes Through Harrowing Experience

My 600-Lb. Life cast member Brianne Dias dealt with a health scare recently. It turns out she has a “small” blood clot in her leg. On Dr. Now’s orders, she has had her leg elevated for the last few days. Meanwhile, it’s clear the good doctor keeps an eye on her long after she filmed her initial episode.

With things like the current pandemic in full swing, staying indoors has become common for a lot of people. However, in Brianne Dias’ case, she certainly would rather be out and about than stuck at home with her leg up. All in all, the situation could have easily been a lot worse for the My 600-Lb. Life cast member. Based on the latest updates from her, things seem to be going well – even with the health scare taken into account.

My 600 lb Life: Brianne Dias
My 600-lb Life: Brianne Dias/Instagram

My 600-Lb. Life Star Thankful for Her Man

Brianne Dias is dating a new man. He has been there to help her through this latest health crisis. She thanked her guy for always making her laugh – even through the tough times. In an exclusive interview with TVShowsAce, Brianne recently said she put herself back out there on the dating scene. Meanwhile, things seem to be working out rather well for her.

Even though she has been in the house with her leg up, her guy took her out for a nice date. Meanwhile, based on the happy pic from the pair, it seems that time away was much needed for both of them. So even as she deals with issues relating to this latest blood clot, it’s clear she has a good attitude about the whole thing – and a great person to support her through it all.

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