‘SEAL Team’ Season 5? David Boreanaz Challenges CBS To Renew

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Will CBS renew SEAL Team for Season 5 or will the network cancel it? Turns out, leading actor David Boreanaz is just as passionate about the future of the series as fans are. In fact, he recently applied some serious pressure on the network to renew SEAL Team for Season 5. According to Deadline, the challenge from David to renew the series for Season 5 came after CBS announced the renewal of several other shows. These shows included NCIS, Blue Bloods, Bull, Magnum P.I., and S.W.A.T. 

This wasn’t the only series CBS left out of the announcement

SEAL Team isn’t the only series with a questionable future with CBS at the moment. NCIS: Los Angeles, All Rise, and Clarice were also left out of the renewal announcement. So, it is possible another wave of renewal announcements could be coming soon from the network. Or, perhaps the network truly hasn’t decided whether to renew these shows yet. Fortunately, however, there is a little silver lining. CBS also hasn’t announced SEAL Team is being canceled either. So, this does give fans of the series a bit of hope to hold on to.

David Boreanaz challenges CBS to renew SEAL Team for Season 5

On Friday, David Boreanaz made it very clear how he feels about the series. He isn’t done. David wants the network to renew for another season. He feels SEAL Team has so much more of a story to tell.

“Let’s go, CBS – let’s renew this show.” The actor penned in a tweet as he challenged the network to do the right thing for fans of the series.


The actor’s call for the network to renew the series was liked over 2,000 times. It was also retweeted over 200 times. And, there were over 100 replies to the tweet. Likewise, many outlets picked up on the pressure he applied to the network and ran with it.

Moreover, David Boreanaz hasn’t been afraid to retweet stories highlighting the pressure he applied to the network. He has also retweeted many tweets related to the desire for a renewal.

The writers of the CBS series seem to be on his side

A Twitter account dedicated to the SEAL Team Writers also got in on the pressure application. They shared a GIF noting they would also like to see Season 5 of the series happen.

The ball is certainly in the court of CBS at this point in time. But, both the cast and the fan base have made it clear they want SEAL Team renewed for Season 5. The question is: Will CBS make it happen or let everyone down? We’ll keep you posted!

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