‘Shameless’ Finale: Did Frank Hint A Financial Nest Egg For His Kids?

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The Shameless Series Finale airs next week. As our spoilers and recap for Shameless Season 11, Episode 11 reveals, it appears as if Frank might be dead. We also speculate a death in the family could be exactly the storyline we need to bring the series to a close. And, to bring Fiona Gallager (Emmy Rossum) back once last time to say goodbye.

Those who have followed the series from the beginning don’t really expect Frank to leave his children with much. But, is it possible he’s leaving them with more than expected? There were a few hints near the end of tonight’s episode that suggested Frank might have a financial nest egg for his children.

Frank Gallager Dead: Leaving Behind A Financial Nest Egg?

Is Frank Gallagher dead? It is all fans are buzzing about in fan groups on social media right now. We’ve suspected for a few weeks the series was setting up to kill off Frank. His character has been deteriorating the entire season. Moreover, there have also been several scenes featuring Frank bonding with Franny and Liam. Some of the scenes have left fans liking Frank. And, feeling sad by what was coming.

The series has painted the Gallagher children’s father as a real waste of space. This is a character Shameless fans love to hate. But, could he be leaving his children behind something when he passes.

Shameless Season 11, Episode 11 Subtle Hints You Might’ve Missed

Toward the end of the episode tonight, Frank talks to his son Lip about a hidden gold bar. He notes the gold is buried in the backyard. Tells his son he’s wasting his time tearing up the kitchen looking for it. Now, it is hard to know whether Frank is speaking the truth or just talking nonsense because his mind is fading fast. But, when he goes up the stairs after talking to Lip he notes everyone would wake up richer tomorrow.

It was a very subtle and brief moment. But, at the very end of the episode, we watch Frank reading some sort of goodbye note to his family before shooting up with a lot of drugs. He takes one last look around the home. Clearly saying goodbye to his family and his house.

‘Shameless’ Season 11, Episode 11: Wait, Is Frank Gallagher Dead?

Was Frank just talking nonsense or is there some sort of financial nest egg somewhere waiting for his children? Considering the mess they are in right now… A nest egg would definitely turn things around for them. Here’s hoping they actually find the note as he dropped it on the floor after trying to put it on the fireplace.

Do you think Frank Gallagher might leave his children with a nest egg when he passes? What do you think is in the letter? Share your thoughts with us in the comments as we prepare to say goodbye to this family.

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