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Spoilers For ‘General Hospital: Chase Struggles, Cam Angers Liz


Friday’s episode of General Hospital will bring plenty of conflict according to the latest spoilers. Not only will there be more with “Mike” and Nina at the Tan-O, but things will be intense throughout Port Charles too.

Chase Is On Edge

Chase is still trying to wrap his head around the results of the DNA test that revealed that Finn is his biological father. General Hospital viewers know that Cyrus may have had the results altered, but Finn did note he wanted a second one done just to be sure.

General Hospital spoilers from the Twitter sneak peek share a hint of what’s next. Chase and his mother Jackie will meet up and have an emotional chat. She’ll hope they can move past “this,” surely referencing the betrayal he experienced.

Chase almost certainly will forgive his mother, given the type of guy he is. He initially directed much of his anger at Finn, and the two men will cross paths during Friday’s show.

According to the General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Chase and Finn will feel quite awkward. This isn’t their first encounter since the DNA test bombshell, but tensions still run high between them.

‘General Hospital’ Teasers Hint At Teen Drama

Friday’s episode will also feature an angry Cameron. He remains certain that Jason killed Franco. He got a thorough dressing-down from Josslyn after he cruelly chastised Jake over the situation, but he’s not done yet.

It seems that Cameron will be once again filled with fury as he talks to someone else about making “him” pay. It’s unclear who’s on the other side of this conversation. It’s a given, however, it’s Jason he’s referencing.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Cameron and his mom Elizabeth will clash during this episode. They’re both heartbroken and deeply stressed, and that’ll set the stage for some drama.

Trina’s Anxious

The General Hospital sneak peek also details that Josslyn and Trina will have a chat. Trina notes that whatever happens next will change the rest of their lives. This sounds quite dramatic, but it very well might be referencing college-related stress.

Cameron was already accepted to one college, although he was immediately torn over whether or not to go. It seems likely that Trina and Josslyn will be preparing for the next stages of their own college searches. However, this discussion certainly could be related to family drama or something else as well.

Jason Heads To Court

Viewers will see Finn catch up with Elizabeth and Anna asks Robert for help. In addition, General Hospital spoilers promise that Carly will be determined to play dirty with Peter.

Apparently, Jackie and Peter will have a showdown of sorts too. Jason’s facing a court hearing, and all signs point toward his battle for freedom to take a while longer.

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