Is Kody Brown Replacing Sobbyn Robyn With A Fifth Wife?

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Sobbyn Robyn Brown, as she’s been nicknamed by Sister Wives fans, is considered to be Kody favorite of his four wives. But, that hasn’t stopped rumors from swirling that a fifth wife was on the horizon. If Kody Brown were to court and bring a fifth wife into the family, would Sobbyn Robyn lose her slot as his favorite? Sister Wives fans assume if Kody brought in a fifth wife that was younger and able to bear more children for him… She would most definitely take the top slot as favorite wife.

Sister Wives fifth wife rumors are nothing new

Now, we know what you are thinking. You’ve probably looked at a calendar today. It’s April 1st. So, it makes sense to be leery of any headline to read today. April Fools, right? The thing is… Rumors Kody Brown wanted a fifth wife as well as rumors that he was in the process of courting one are not exactly new.

It was in March of 2018 that rumors of Kody Brown’s new wife started to swirl. Life & Style magazine posted an exclusive reporting that Kody had been rejected after trying to court a 25-year-old. This potential fifth wife was divorced and a mother of two. Kody was reportedly “over the moon” at the possibility of having a “young and hot wife.” It was also reported Sobbyn Robyn was bothered by the idea of Kody replacing her with someone younger.

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Many outlets debunked this rumor over the year including DistractifyThe outlet reported Kody Brown himself had shut down chatter he was courting a fifth wife. But, was that the end of the rumors? Not exactly.

Enter Leah Marie Brown — Kody Brown’s rumored fifth wife

Leah Marie Brown is a name that has made rounds within Sister Wives fan chatter over the years. According to Your Tango, she was rumored to be Kody Brown’s fifth wife just last year. Interestingly enough, there were a lot of backstories related to this rumor. For starters, Kody and Leah were rumored to be married in 2019. Her birthday was rumored to be September 15, 1990. This would have made her nearly over two decades younger than Kody. This certainly held up to the fact that a few years ago he was believed to be courting “young and hot” wives.

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Moreover, it is also public knowledge that Kody Brown is interested in having more children. His current four wives, however, have all made it clear that isn’t going to happen. Likewise, fans assume Sobbyn Robyn is the only one capable of bearing another child for Kody. And, she’s also made it clear she isn’t interested.

There was chatter about the possibility of a fifth wife on Reddit. But, most were skeptical as the information originated on Wikipedia. The Wikipedia page disappeared. And, neither TLC or the Brown family spoke of this mysterious new, young wife.

Enter Bonnie Dwyer — Sobbyn Robyn’s replacement?

The Hollywood Gossip reports Kody Brown is courting a young woman named Bonnie Dwyer. She is reported to be just 40-years-old. This makes her younger than Robyn. The outlet speculates this isn’t a fact that makes Sobbyn Robyn Brown very happy about.

“Kody was looking for someone vibrant, someone still of child-bearing age in case he wants another kid. He has connections in the world of polygamy and a friend told him Bonnie would serve his every need, whim and desire.” An insider close to the production of Sister Wives tells The Hollywood Gossip.

Wait, so is Kody Brown taking on a fifth wife?

We know what you are thinking — this is a lot of information to digest. Is Kody Brown actually taking on a fifth wife? How do his other four wives feel about this information? Well, we did a little more digging. It looks like Sister Wives fans have been bamboozled by rumors once more. Kody Brown is not currently courting anyone. He does want to have more children. But, there is no fifth wife or potential fifth wife in the picture.

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As those who have been following the latest season of the show know, he’s been struggling to hang onto the four wives he has.

Would you like to see Kody Brown replace Sobbyn Robyn with a younger and hotter wife? Are you bummed this last report was just an April Fools day rumor? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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