#ThankYouLucifer Trending, Lucifer Season 5B Drop Date Announced

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On Monday, #ThankYou Lucifer was trending on Twitter. What is the significance of this day? In addition, Netflix has announced the Lucifer Season 5B drop date. Lucifans, here is the news that you need to know now.

Netflix Announces Lucifer Season 5B Drop Date

Lucifans are you ready? Lucifer Season 5B is dropping on Friday, May 28.  On Monday, Netflix announced on social media. Using one of Luci’s favorite interrogating lines, they wrote: “We know that more episodes are what you truly desire. Season 5B arrives on Netflix May 28th.” The first half of Season 5 dropped back on August 21, 2020. Fans have been waiting a long time. 

What are the names of the Season 5B episodes? The eight episodes for the upcoming season, in order, are: “Family Dinner,” “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam,” “Resting Devil Face,” “Daniel Espinozaa: Naked and Afraid,” “A Little Harmless Stalking,” “Nothing Lasts Forever,” “Is This Really How It’s Going To End,” and “A Chance At A Happy Ending.”


On Monday, “Thank You Lucifer” was trending on Netflix. Co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich tweeted “Home and looking at the @ThankYouLucifer posts… and all I keep thinking is thank YOU. For being the most important part of it all.” Ildy’s co-showrunner partner, Joe Henderson posted on Twitter, “We have the best fans!! Last day of shooting #Lucifer, and what a wonderful sendoff from the Lucifans. #ThankYouLucifer.”

Tom Ellis also shared a special gift he got from his wife, Meaghan Oppenheimer. It is a lighter inscribed with the dates “March 17, 2015,” and “March 29, 2021.” The Lucifer star shared on Instagram, “Today is the day. 6 years ago I started a journey with the most amazing group of people and today we say a fond farewell to each other. Thank you to every single crew member who has helped bring the story of #Lucifer to life. What a ride ❤️😈❤️ Ps Thanks for the beautiful gift @moppyoppenheimer 😘😘😘” 
Current and former castmates commented, including Tricia Helfer, who played “Mom/Charlotte” in the series wrote, “Congratulations Tom. 👏👏” Tom Welling wrote, “Congrats my friend 🎊 great gift too!!!!🔥.” Lastly, Lesley-Ann Brandt, “❤️.” Tom’s pal Sam Heughan (Outlander) wrote, “Congrats buddy!!!! What a legacy. Should be proud to complete that journey! On to the next…🙌.”

Significance Of March 29, 2021

For Lucifer cast, crew, and fans, March 29, 2021, is a significant day. This is the last day that they will be filming the show. D.B. Woodside, who plays Amenadiel, admitted to ET that “It was real, real sad.” However, it has been quite a journey for anyone associated with the Netflix series. It started on Fox, for three full seasons.

After Fox announced that they canceled the devilish show, Lucifans around the world flocked to social media to ask someone to save the show. Because Netflix airs the show internationally, they could see that this was a popular show, worldwide. They saved the show for an additional three seasons.

However, originally, they were going to end with these last eight episodes of Season 5. When they announced Season 5, it was with the knowledge that this was the end. But, the show got a last-minute renewal. That means after this May 29, 2021, there will be one really final season left.

When Will Netflix Drop Lucifer Season 6?

Netflix has announced Lucifer Season 6, the “FINAL, final season” yet. We can surmise that in a year of Covid, where there have been filming delays, they could decide to drop it around Christmas time. Previous holiday favorites like The Witcher and Bridgerton will likely not be ready for the 2021 holiday season. A worldwide hit like Lucifer, in its final season, will certainly be a Christmas-worthy release.

Netflix will drop Lucifer Season 5B on Friday, May 28.


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