George Segal’s Death Hits ‘Goldbergs’ Fans Hard: Dead Or Hoax?

George Segal death hoax

Sad news for fans of ABC sitcom The Goldbergs as the death of George Segal has been reported across multiple media outlets. Naturally, fans of the 87-year-old Oscar nominee have some reservations about this breaking news. Is the actor dead or is this just a hoax? Fans in Facebook groups dedicated to The Goldbergs as well as the actor himself admit it is saddening that the issue of whether news of his death is a hoax even has to be questioned. Unfortunately, celebrities pass away all the time via death hoaxes.

So, we decided to do some digging to get to the bottom of whether The Goldbergs actor affectionately known as “Pops” actually passed away.

Why do people suspect this is a death hoax?

Turns out, there are screenshots going around social media platforms featuring a headline from a publication called Star Magazine. The headline reads that George Segal is the latest celebrity victim of a death hoax. This screenshot of the headline gave fans of the actor hope that he wasn’t actually dead. So, they clung to the screenshot and it circulated social media platforms and fan groups. But, was it true?

So, is George Segal actually dead?

After pretty heated discussions over the past hour, most fan groups related to the actor agree the Star Magazine screenshot itself was fake news. Unfortunately, George Segal is not a victim of a death hoax. Several reputable outlets have now reported the actor has passed away. And, this includes TMZ. Fans of the actor seemingly agree TMZ rarely makes the mistake of reporting on a death that hasn’t actually happened. So, the outlet reporting George Segal is dead… Unfortunately means it is unlikely to be a hoax.

Other reputable outlets including Variety and Deadline have confirmed the actor has passed away.

George Segal’s cause of death: How did he die?

The actor’s wife has confirmed George Segal passed away. Likewise, she confirmed his cause of death. Turns out, his cause of death was due to a complication during bypass surgery.

The details surrounding his cause of death, however, do not go much further than that. He passed away in Santa Rosa, CA on March 23rd. The statement from his wife to the media notes the family is “devastated” by his passing.

George Segal’s net worth at the time of his death revealed

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Georga Segal was worth $10 million at the time of his passing. The actor was born on February 13, 1934. He made his debut in the acting world 21 years later in 1955.

In addition to his Academy Award nomination, he had been nominated for a Golden Globe five times. He also has a Holywood Walk of Fame star. With over 60 years of acting experience on his resume, it makes sense that he had a pretty high net worth at the time of his passing.

What about the future of The Goldbergs? 

George Segal was currently playing the role of “Pops” on ABC’s 1980s-set family comedy The Goldbergs. The actor has been a series regular on the show for eight seasons. Those who follow the show know it is actively producing, filming, and airing Season 8. Many consider George Segal’s character to be a staple in the series. And, they aren’t really sure how the show will progress without him.

According to Deadline, Episode 16 is the last episode of The Goldbergs he was able to film before his death. This episode is slated to air on April 7th. Fans of the actor and the series expect the cast to pay some sort of tribute to him during his final episode of the series.

At this time, we aren’t really sure what his passing means for the future of the show. Some fans felt that when the producers and writers stopped using Adam Goldberg’s source material the series itself took a nosedive. But, not using Adam’s source material anymore does open a window of opportunity. Technically, the series does have the option of writing the character off by killing him on the show. It could offer an opportunity for both the fans and the cast to say goodbye to George Segal.

Some fans of The Goldbergs fear his passing is “the beginning of the end.” They are not sure the show will be able to continue without him as a member of the cast.

Rest in peace, George Segal.

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