Riley Busby Struggles With Having Her Own Bedroom: Scared To Sleep Alone

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Fans of OutDaughtered know Riley Busby has her own bedroom. We know Hazel and Parker share a bedroom. And, Ava and Olivia share a bedroom. Blayke, like Riley, also has her own bedroom. Naturally, fans do wonder what will happen when the girls get older. Will they have a house big enough for each Busby girl to have her own room? Or, will some sisters be sharing till they turn 18? Likewise, fans often wonder why Riley is the only quint with her own room. As we previously reported, there’s a pretty simple explanation for this.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from OutDaughtered Season 8, Episode 4 titled “Kindergarten Quints.” If you haven’t watched the episode yet, proceed with caution.

Why does Riley Busby have her own bedroom?

Turns out, there were a few reasons why Riley Busby had her own bedroom. But, the biggest reason was simply that she woke up before her sisters. Adam and Danielle reached a point where Riley was waking up her sisters before they were ready to get up. Then, they were left with some seriously cranky quints. So, they decided she should have her own room. This way it would not be so much of an issue when she woke up before her sisters.

Interestingly enough, however, that wasn’t the original reason Riley Busby got her own room. Prior to being who woke up first, she was the most difficult quint to wake up. So, Adam and Danielle had an issue with her sisters waking her up and making her cranky. Either way, giving Riley her own room solved both problems.

Is sleeping alone scary for the Busby quint?

At the very end of tonight’s episode, we see a slightly different story being told about Riley Busby and her own bedroom. Adam and Danielle keep catching the quint sneaking into her sisters’ rooms and going back to sleep. Riley explains to her parents it is because she is having bad dreams. The episode ends with a preview revealing Riley becoming increasingly more upset about sleeping in her room.

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Riley Busby insists it is lonely and scary to sleep all by herself in her bedroom. How will Adam and Danielle Busby deal with this problem? We’ll have to wait until next week to see!

OutDaughtered Season 8, Episode 4 titled “Kindergarten Quints” airs tonight only on TLC. Those who can’t wait until tonight to tune into the newest episode featuring the Busby family can check it out now via discovery+. Have been staying current with Season 8? Stick with us for the latest OutDaughtered related news.

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