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Searching For The ‘Lover’s Stone’ In UPtv’s ‘The Charm Of Love’


Nothing can stop true love, right? Well, viewers of UPtv’s The Charm Of Love stars Katrina Norman (Christmas On The Menu) and Tilky Jones (Christmas Love Letter) are being tested. Can they find this legendary treasure? Moreover, will this precious relic truly influence love?

What Is UPtv’s The Charm Of Love About?

According to the UPtv synopsis, art historian Maddie Turner (Norman) is an expert in ancient artifacts. She has uncovered many treasures but now is tasked to find  the rare love stone.

She is presented with a very old book. It is from 1796. With gloved hands, Maddie begins to go through the handwritten pages. This book is very old. Quickly examining it, Maddie shares that it is like a travel diary. There is a missing nameplate. Maddie continues. The stone is real!

There is a map. In addition, there are navigational points. There are details about the stone, including drawings. In front of the museum’s wealthy benefactor, Maddie announces that this is the account of the “legendary” Lover’s stone of the island of Cordecil.  If she accomplishes her goal, he will fully endow the museum!

Maddie is super happy to strike out on this adventure. Moreover, she is happy to be deflecting unwanted male attention. She immediately packs her bags and travels halfway around the world to the Caribbeans. She is now on a mission to find the legendary Lovers Stone.

However, her personal search for love may be over. That is when she meets Andrew Fitzpatrick (Jones), an international hotelier with trust issues. After some struggles, Maddie admits she needs a local’s knowledge of the island. She has run into a lot of trouble. Andrew starts out as a tour guide, but Maddie’s search may lead her to true love after all.

That is until they encounter Andrew’s girlfriend, who is also his business partner. They are still very close, but she “wants to talk.” Could Andrew find himself single and looking over at Maddie as “Miss Right”?

In the midst of all of this, Andrew is trying to save the island’s festival.

However, nothing can stop true love! Searching for buried treasure is so romantic.

UPtv’s Charm Of Love Filmed Before Worldwide Pandemic

If UPtv’s Charm of Love doesn’t seem like the newly made, post-pandemic movies, that is because it is not. According to actress Tanya Christiansen’s Instagram, the movie just managed to squeak by. “Able to squeeze in this sweet film before the quarantine. #lifetimemovie #actor #onset #floridafilm #thecharmoflove.”

When Can You Watch Charm Of Love?

Ready to embark on a romantic treasure hunt. Then here is the movie for you! You can catch the premiere of UPtv’s Charm of Love on Sunday, March 14, at 7 p.m. Eastern.


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