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‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Rayne Waldrop Walking In Mama’s Footsteps

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Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop’s daughter Rayne Waldrop is looking and acting more like her mom. The sextuplets are growing up so fast. It seems like yesterday they were just babies. Now they are full-fledged toddlers—each of the younger six Waldrop kids has developed their own unique personalities. Today we see a glimpse into Rayne Waldrop’s world.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Rayne Waldrop Is Just Like her Mommy

Sweet Home Sextuplets cutie Rayne Waldrop certainly looks to her mom as a role model. No doubt she wants to follow in her footsteps. The very observant three-year-old is off to a great start. Clearly, from her latest antics, she’s been closely watching her mother’s every move.

The Sweet Home Sextuplets personality has her momma’s mannerisms down pat. In the picture below, we see Rayne Waldrop wearing her mother’s oversized sunglasses on top of her head. That’s just like Courtney is often seen. So Rayne really is a chip off the old block. When Courtney snapped this picture, Rayne just said,” look at me, Mommy..I look like you with your glasses on my head”. So it kind of makes you wonder what other bad or good habits Rayne’s picked up from Courtney.

Rayne Waldrop - Instagram
Rayne Waldrop – Instagram

Courtney Waldrop Calls Rayne A Cute Little Mess

Sweet Home Sextuplets mom of nine Courtney Waldrop adores each of her children. Before the sextuplets were born, she was a proud “boy mom.”  Then in a blink of an eye, she and her husband Eric Waldrop had three daughters. Raising girls is very different than raising boys. Certainly, Courtney enjoys having a few “mini me’s.”

However, these little ladies are paying attention to all their mom’s little quirks. Today we see that Rayne’s already mimicking her momma.

Courtney says Rayne is a cute little mess. Probably just like most women call themselves a hot mess on a bad day, it looks like Courtney is using the saying in a sweet twist to describe her daughter. Courtney also recognizes Rayne is a girlie-girl. The hashtag “Miss Priss” alludes to that fact.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: My How Fast These Kids Have Grown

It really seems like just yesterday, these six siblings were born. Now they are three years old and try blossoming and thriving. Just before the pandemic, the younger six Waldrops started pre-school just a few days a week.

So hopefully, soon, they will resume that routine. Until then, they do have a former school teacher for a mom. So no doubt, these kids are doing a little bit of homeschooling until Courtney and Eric feel comfortable sending them all back to in-person school.

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