‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Dote On Cute Quint PJs: Is That Olivia Or Ava?

OutDaughtered fans love trying to figure out which quint is which. There’s a set of identical twins within the set of the quints. Ava Busby and Olivia Busby are identical. The other three are fairly easy to tell apart. However, fans still have difficulty determining which is Ava and which is Olivia.

Today was wear your pajamas day to school for the Kindergarteners. They all looked adorable. The picture their doting mom Danielle Busby shared has fans chattering. They’re trying to figure out which sister is in the picture with Hazel.

OutDaughtered: Pajama Day At Quints School Means Tie-Dye PJs For All

OutDaughtered quintuplets Parker Busby, Ava Busby, Hazel Busby, Olivia Busby, and Riley Busby are certainly looking adorable and comfy this Friday as they head off to school. Today the dress code was wearing your PJs, and the Busby girls rocked their high fashion nightclothes into school.

OutDaughtered mom Danielle Busby says, “there’s no need to get dressed when it’s PJ Day at school.” However, although in PJs, the girls still needed to wear shoes. They choose pretty white open-toed sandals. Certainly, Texas’s weather has improved since the record low cold items and snow they had just a few weeks ago.

Hazel Busby - Ava Busby - Instagram
Hazel Busby – Ava Busby – Instagram

Tie-Dye Is Danielle’s Favorite – See Wear You Can Buy The Girls’ Look

OutDaughtered mom of six Danielle Busby is a huge fan of tie-dye. Her post of the girls wearing matching pj’s has a hashtag that says it’s her favorite. Often we would see Danilee donning the tie-dye apparel. Now we know where the girls developed their love of the pattern.

Also, in the caption, we learn that young girls across America can persuade their mothers to get them a pair of cozy jammies just like the OutDaughtered sisters wore today. Recall Danielle owns a clothing line, Graeson Bee Boutique. These jammies are available on her online site and are rather affordable.

OutDaughtered: So Whose In that Picture?

OutDaughtered fans often have a hard time telling the girls apart. However, there are only two of the five that are identical. Ava Busby and Olivia Busby are the only pair of identical twins in the set of quint girls. Of course, their parents and sisters can tell them apart. But fans often have difficulty.

So, if you are wondering if it’s Ava or Olivia in the post today with Hazel, the answer is —-Ava! Olivia’s eyes are darker than Ava’s. So that’s the insider trick to telling Ava Busby apart from her identical twin sister Olivia Busby.

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