Chris Feels Like A ‘Failure’ Diet Buddy: Is Tammy Even Trying? 

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Chris Combs (Slaton) feels defeated after learning Tammy has gained weight during their latest weigh-in. Is he a failure as a diet buddy? He certainly seems to think so.

Tammy puts on pounds, Chris feels defeated

During last week’s episode, we saw Tammy Slaton quick to blame Chris Combs (Slaton) for her struggles. She noted they were supposed to be shedding pounds together. But, he hasn’t been coming around to check on her. And, they haven’t been calling each other either. Understandably, fans didn’t really like hearing Tammy blame Chris for her problems. Did she really need her brother to make the right eating choices?

Tammy steps on the scale during an exclusive preview of next week’s episode via People Magazine. We learn she now weighs 665 pounds. The scene instantly cuts to Chris talking to the cameras. Chris Combs (Slaton) admits he feels like a “failure” as a diet buddy. He, however, is unwilling to just put the blame on himself. He recognizes that his sister is the only one that can control how or if she loses weight.

He wants if his sister is even trying

It was hard for Chris Combs (Slaton) to hear that his sister Tammy has gained 21 pounds. He questioned if she’s even trying to lose weight at this point. Given his own success with shedding some pounds, he doesn’t understand how she’s gaining instead of losing. Chris notes that if she had only gained a pound or two… He would have had more compassion for her. But, it seems like she puts on 20 pounds every time she weighs in. And, he just doesn’t feel like she’s trying to shed the pounds.

Dr. Eric Smith holds out hope for Tammy

Chris Combs (Slaton) seems very close to giving up on his sister. But, Dr. Eric Smith doesn’t seem to feel the same way. In fact, as we previously reported, this weigh in was a major breakthrough for Tammy. Why? Well, she finally took responsibility for her weight gain. She didn’t just find someone or something else to blame it on. Tammy admitted that she has an addiction to food. And, Dr. Eric Smith reveals this is a problem he can fix.

Tammy Slaton TLC YouTube

Do you think Chris Combs (Slaton) was a bad diet buddy to his sister Tammy? Do you think he should feel bad about her weight gain? Share your thoughts with us. And, stick with us for the latest Slaton related news.

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