Wait, Did Jerry Sykes Give Tammy Slaton COVID-19?

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Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters are scratching their heads as they wonder how Tammy Slaton might’ve got COVID-19 — Did Jerry Sykes give it to her? Keep reading to see what fans are talking about.

Tammy Slaton tests positive for COVID-19, rushes to hospital

The end of this week’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters got a bit emotional as Tammy Slaton becomes very ill. She speaks with her sister on the phone and explains Gage being under quarantine is probably for the best. She’s not feeling so good. And, she wouldn’t want to get the baby sick. At the end of the episode, fans learn Tammy began to have trouble breathing. And, she was rushed to the hospital. At the hospital, she tested positive for COVID-19.

Wait, how did she get the virus exactly?

Now, this is what had fans scratching their heads. How exactly did Tammy Slaton get COVID-19? Amy Slaton was worried about her sister as she went in to have the baby. Because she knew Tammy would be alone. And, she really couldn’t go anywhere by herself. We learned she called on Jerry. And, he showed up so she wouldn’t have to be alone while her sister had the baby.

So, did Jerry Sykes bring COVID-19 into her home? This is what fans are thinking had to have happened at this point. With Tammy not going anywhere… Jerry Sykes is really the only way she could have gotten COVID-19… Right?

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Well, technically, any food or grocery delivery service could have carried the virus into the house. But, Jerry Sykes did come into the home with no mask on. And, he was Tammy’s boyfriend at the time. They were eating out of the same bowl of popcorn at one point in time. So, we have to assume it is possible he passed the virus to her.

What are fans saying about it?

On Facebook, fans seem pretty united by the belief that Jerry Sykes had to have given her COVID-19. But, here is what they are saying on Twitter.


Some fans noted it was just as likely Tammy Slaton got the virus from someone on the filming crew.

Jerry Sykes is gone, Tammy is doing better

Now, it is important to keep in mind there is a three-five month gap between real life and when the episode was filmed. So, fans can rest easy knowing Tammy Slaton is not still in the hospital with COVID-19. And, if Jerry Sykes had COVID… He is likely fine too by now.

Do you think Jerry Sykes gave Tammy Slaton COVID-19? The 1000-Lb. Sisters fan base sure seems to think so.


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