‘Yellowstone’ Fans Marvel At The Many Talents Of Kevin Costner

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Yellowstone is by far one of the most loved shows on television. Since 2018, fans have been glued to their television screens as they watch the drama unfold on the Dutton Ranch. From ruthless hedge funds to out-of-state developers, the Yellowstone ranch is constantly under attack. Season 1 saw the feud between John Dutton and Chief Thomas Rainwater over control of the land. Season 2 brought outside developers attempting to weasel their way in. However, Season 3 may be the most heartwrenching season yet.

The Dutton family is once again fighting to maintain their way of life when a conniving hedge fund manager attempts to carve out the land in order to build an airport. The Season 3 Finale ends with several beloved characters under attack. The screen goes black just after fans see John Dutton, played by the talented Kevin Costner, gunned down while attempting to help a mother change her tire. Fans are now wondering what will come of the Dutton family as well as those who may not have survived. There is still a long wait until the Season 4 Premiere of Yellowstone. However, fans are biding their time while discussing an array of topics. The fate of Beth, as well as Rip, has been discussed heavily. Now fans are looking at things more positively and discussing the many talents of Yellowstone star Kevin Costner.

Yellowstone’s Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner has been dominating Hollywood for nearly 40 years. After graduating with a degree in business from California State University, Costner entered the work field. However, the career path he had chosen did not leave him fulfilled. He instead chose to drop everything and move to Hollywood to pursue a career in acting. He worked modest jobs while waiting for his big break. Costner eventually landed a small role in the film The Big Chill in 1983. Although his scenes were never used in the film, he made an impression on director Lawrence Kasdan. His big break would come in 1985 when he was cast in the hit movie Silverado directed by Kasdan.

Several decades later, Costner has carved out a very successful career. This path would lead him to become the infamous John Dutton on the beloved series Yellowstone. 

A Variety Of Talents

It remains well known that Kevin Costner is a talented actor. However, some Yellowstone fans may not know he is also an accomplished musician. A Redditor recently described Costner’s music as “Whiskey for my ears.” He goes on to say,

“Not every celebrity can pull off the music crossover, but if anyone could, why not the guy with gills? why not Kevin Costner singing about rural America is worth the listen.” 

Costner is the lead singer of the band Kevin Costner & Modern West. Predominantly singing about small-town America, Costner composed a song entitled Backyard which was featured in the movie Swing Vote.

Kevin Costner is certainly a talented artist. He has even developed an album of songs specifically for the series Yellowstone. 

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