‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’: Courtney Waldrop Shares Blu’s Special Moves

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Sweet Home Sextuplets star Courtney Waldrop says her son Blu Waldrop is quite the dancer. His style of dance is unique from the rest of his siblings. It’s evolved over the last year, so much so Courtney shares a video of Blu for fans to see how he gets down when the music comes on.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Blu Waldrop Dances Like No One’s Watching

Sweet Home Sextuplets cutie Blu Waldrop loves to dance. When he hears music, he likes to bust a move. His mom Courtney says at one point, her sweet boy actually had rhythm. He would sway back and forth in time with the music.

Now Courtney says her Sweet Home Sextuplets son spins and spins in circles. He is a bundle of nonstop energy. She says she doesn’t know how he doesn’t fall or get dizzy from dancing like that.

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The Waldrops Spent Quarantine Dancing

The Sweet Home Sextuplets family spent a good many nights during quarantine having family dance parties. Certainly, it’s a fun way for Courtney and Eric Waldrop to get their kids tuckered out to sleep at night. After all, they have a lot of pent-up energy to get out of their system – especially since they weren’t doing many of the sports and other outings they did before lockdowns.

Sweet Home Sextuplets mom of nine Courtney Waldrop said before the pandemic, Blu danced just like the other kids. Then in a blink of an eye, he switched course. She said this coincided with their move back into their remodeled house. Perhaps there’s a connection there, or just Blu being Blu.

Sweet Home Sextuplets: Courtney Wonders Where She Went Wrong

Courtney Waldrop says she does not understand when and how she and Eric went wrong when it comes to Blu’s interesting dance style. At one point, he was as normal as the rest of the kids. Now he’s gone rogue. Just watching him move makes Blu’s momma tired. So she wonders how Blu has all that energy and stamina to spin for as long as he does.

No doubt Courtney rather the Blu’s dancing over some of his other antics. Usually, if there’s trouble brewing in the Waldrop home, Blu’s the culprit. Not too long ago, he gave his sister Rivers Waldrop her first haircut. Poor Rivers was in tears. How Blu found scissors and played barbershop on unsuspecting Rivers still remains a mystery to Courtney and Eric Waldrop.

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