Will Chris Combs & Amy Halterman Abandon Tammy Slaton?

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Fans worry both Chris Combs and Amy Halterman will abandon their sister Tammy Slaton by the time Season 2 of 1000-Lb. Sisters ends. It goes without saying that Chris Combs has been working harder toward losing weight compared to his sister Tammy. Being more mobile than his sister Tammy, exercising also seems to come a little easier. That being said, last week’s episode left us realizing Chris Combs is getting close to qualifying for the weight loss surgery. And, it doesn’t sound like he’s interested in waiting for Tammy to catch up either.

Amy Halterman abandons her sister to move on with her life.

Amy Halterman and her husband Michael have been very involved in helping with the care of Tammy. Fans of the TLC family watch Michael push Tammy around in a wheelchair every time they go somewhere. A few episodes ago, we saw Amy and Michael attend Tammy’s date with Jerry simply so Michael could push her around in the wheelchair.

We, however, know Amy Halterman does not plan on continuing to live a life of servitude to her sister. She and Tammy were on this weight loss journey together. But, when push came to shove, she had the weight loss surgery without Tammy. Because she wasn’t willing to wait for her to catch up.

After getting pregnant, Amy Halterman ultimately puts more distance between herself and her sister. Fans know Amy and Michael do not wish to continue to live with Tammy while raising their son. In fact, they have plans to move somewhere bigger. A little after the baby is born. So, Tammy is going to have to learn how to live without them in the household with her all of the time.

Will Chris Combs abandon Tammy Slaton too?

During Season 2 of 1000-Lb. Sisters we saw big brother Chris Combs become a regular cast member. He, more or less, stepped into the shoes previously filled by Amy. Being overweight himself, there was no harm in going down the weight loss path with Tammy. While it was clear he was supposed to be doing this with Tammy. He has also made it clear he isn’t going to wait for Tammy to catch up either. Like Amy, it doesn’t sound like he’s willing to put his life on hold for his sister.

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Fans of the TLC series can only assume this will create a distance between Tammy and Chris as well. Fans fear what will become of Tammy when both Amy and Chris abandon her. Many agree she needs to be put in some sort of assisted living facility to control her eating and exercise plans. Likewise, many just don’t know how she will survive if she doesn’t have someone in the home taking care of her.

Now, fans are happy things are moving in the right direction for Chris Combs and Amy Halterman. But, they worry Tammy Slaton won’t be able to recover from her siblings abandoning her.

What do you think will happen to Tammy Slaton moving forward? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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